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Greetings from us at kiwimana and hoping for a great 2015 for you. Here is our review of the most popular blog posts and podcasts chosen by you, that you may have missed in the busy year that was 2014.

Well it’s been an exciting, interesting and busy year with lots of challenges that we had to work through. Thanks to you we have managed to achieve great results through your input and feedback.

This year we created blog posts, podcasts and ran our first beekeeping courses. Next year will be more of the same and we hope you enjoy what we bring to you. It’s been great to meet so many enthusiastic and wonderful students. Who are now on the road to becoming beginner beekeepers.

Blog Posts – Most read posts

It seems that How To articles were popular this year, we will be looking at creating more of these this year. If you want us to cover anything, please get in touch on our contact page HERE

kiwimana got a call from an Auckland Beekeeper who found there was a submission to Auckland Council requesting Beekeeping/Apiaries/Bees be added as a “permitted activity” which would be added to the Unitary Plan (currently being consulted-on) in their Activity Table which appears to fall under the Resource Management Act (RMA).
Urban Beekeeping Threatened

Cleaning BeeswaxThis was a popular post on how Gary cleans the beeswax from our hives, which works well for us. Beeswax is a wonderful resource that beekeepers can use to make all sorts.
How to clean Beeswax

Wairere 2 all ready to be movedHere is how we move beehives around the area, this started as a document we give to new beekeepers when moving purchased hives. Because of the response, we thought we would release this to the world. Here is how we move beehives:-
How to move a Beehive

In this guest post by Joanna Hughes, she discussed how to turn urban waste lands into habitats for local pollinators using seed bombs. Don’t worry no one gets hurt with these bombs.
How to make Seed Bombs

A great blog post if you are looking at using beekeeping software to manage your beekeeping operation, guest author Jeanette Jeffrey explains some ways to evaluate different options:-
4 tips to choose the best beekeeping software

Podcasts – Most listened to shows in 2014

Wow it looks like our interviews with beekeepers were popular this year. We have some great ones recorded and we will be releasing these this year. If you would to hear from someone then please get in touch we will see what we can arrange. Or if you fancy being a guest in 2015, please click HERE

Michael Bush

Michael Bush is one of the worlds most well known treatment free beekeepers, he shared his tips and tricks from his many years of beekeeping. This one is well worth the listen and he has a great book out as well.
Michael Bush Treatment Free Beekeeping.

linda_PC_CoverWe have followed Linda’s blog since we started beekeeping, she is a great writer and beekeeper. She shares her tips on how she keeps bees in Atlanta. Be sure to also read her blog at Linda’s Bee’s.
Our chat with Linda can be found here:-
Beekeeper Linda – We chat with Linda Tillman

This podcast with the hosts of kiwimana Gary and Margaret (that’s us) was very popular, and is a good example of the shows we released on a monthly basis. We talked about Urban Beekeeping and Wellingtons Mayor is a Buzzing.
Top Ten Urban Beekeeping Questions

photo credit: Photo courtesy of Linda Tillman
photo credit: Photo courtesy of Linda Tillman
Michael is from Northern Ireland and his love for his bees comes through on this show. He has some great stories about his adventures. Michael was awarded a MBE for his services to beekeeping. Check out why:-
Michael Young MBE Beekeeper from Northern Ireland

Sara Russ PodcastWe love what Sara is doing. She shares information about bees to kids at schools, we talk about her work and beekeeping in general in this great chat.
The Bee Lady Sara Russ

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