Wild Hive – Our First Encounter with Wild Bees

Picture of Wild Hive in Tree

Day 1

Got a call today from a local company, they had removed a tree and discovered a Bee Hive inside it. They wanted to pour petrol on it and kill them; hopefully we can find the Queen and remove the colony to a hive box.

We have never removed an established wild hive, so not so sure if this will be successful or not. We are going to try over the next couple of days to remove it.

We have picked up a swarm before, but not a wild hive the comb looks pretty white, so I don’t think the Bees have been in the tree that long.

Hopefully we can save these Bees.

Close Up of Wild Hive

Day Two

Sad News Readers about the Wild or Feral hive that we were asked to remove.

The Bees had built a hive deep inside a rotten pine tree and we were unable to reach the lower part of the hive or locate the Queen.  The Bees were also overrun with Varroa Mites, which are a small mite that attaches to the Bee and lives of its blood.  Not very nice at all…

So we couldn’t rescue that colony which both myself and Margaret were gutted about, but we did hear about another swarm that we may be able to rescue as its all contained on one branch of a tree.  We will wait and see if that is still on that tree and hasn’t moved on.

Anyway it was an experience for sure looking into a wild Hive and seeing how Bee’s live naturally.  It’s a shame that the Varoa mite has put an end to most of the wild hives in New Zealand.  This is why its very important for all of us to look after our bees.

Thanks for reading….Gary

Some of Hive’s Comb

2 thoughts on “Wild Hive – Our First Encounter with Wild Bees

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    Marcia says:

    wow, thats cool ! I hope you can get it all out in just afew pieces – you could tie the comb to frames with string leaving it all in a box near the tree so hopefully all the bees would go in with the queen. I wonder how deep it all goes into the tree – have a look at a blog called `Linda`s Bees`, she has some posts on rescueing bees from a large tree afew months ago. Best of luck !

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