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kiwimana Beekeeping PodcastHi this is Episode Sixty Four of our beekeeping podcast, This week we are talking about Bee Products, Neonic Suit and Beekeeping and mental health.

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Hi, it’s Gary and Margaret here, We are beekeepers from the hills of the Waitakere Ranges in West Auckland, New Zealand. Our podcast is about beekeeping, Gardening and bit of politics about environmental issues. We also have been known to go off on tangents about other issues.

The Beatles When I’m Sixty Four

What’s happening at kiwimana


  • Karen BeanPostCard from Switerland
  • Bees are filling up boxes – Season may be going longer in NZ
  • Wax Moths are having fun in our Shed!!!
  • One Swarm absconded and Wax Moths moved in
  • Karen article about Storing Drawn Foundation at Brookfield Farm
  • Our Interview with Karen Bean, can be found HERE


photo credit: TexasEagle via photopin cc
photo credit: TexasEagle via photopin cc
  • Monarchs in Gunboots / Paper Wasps Bad
  • How To Raise Monarch Butterflies
  • Auckland Bee Bylaw, see our post HERE
  • Drought in New Zealand, Margarets Rain Dancing
  • Late swarming
  • Is it too late to do splits
  • Whats next? Be aware of Tutin in your honey

30 Japanese Giant Hornets kill 30,000 Honey Bees

This is part of the documentary we recently watched.

Blog Recap – Top three Blog Posts Last Month

  1. Randy Oliver from Scientific Beekeeping
  2. Beekeeping 101 – Seven Steps to becoming a Beekeeper
  3. Tom Theobald Beekeeper and Campaigner

Beekeeping News

A great article from Maryam Henein about three bee products you should be using everyday.

raw-honey-hero-200x154I wasn’t always a honeybee lover. But after directing a documentary on the disappearance of the honeybees around the world, I became an advocate for countless reasons. This fuzzy insect is one of endless surprise and delight, and every substance they create is medicinal and magical.

3 Bee Products You Should Be Using Every Day

A study done in the Netherlands concluded that the loss of preferred host plants is one of the main factors responsible for wild bee decline. The Netherlands was picked because it’s “one of the most human-modified and intensively farmed countries in the world.”

Pollen samples from old museum specimens indicate bees’ favorite meals are gone.
Bees are disappearing that much is certain. What’s unclear is why. Pathogens and pesticides have been posited as potential causes, as has the loss of bees’ preferred floral resources. This last reason has intuitive appeal: wildflowers are disappearing because of agriculture, and bees rely on the pollen and nectar in flowers, so the loss of flowers should be causing the loss of bees.

We’ve wiped out their favorite plants

A class action suit is been organised in Canada against against Bayer CropScience and Syngenta concerning the use of Neonicotinoid seed treatment insecticides.

More beekeepers join neonic lawsuitThe Alberta Beekeepers Commission doesn’­t support the proposed lawsuit over neonicotinoids, but individual beekeepers may have other ideas.

Paula Lombardi with the litigation law firm Siskinds LLP of Toronto said there have been “serious inquiries” from beekeepers in Alberta about joining the more than 100 producers from Ontario and Manitoba who have already signed on to the suit.

More beekeepers join neonic lawsuit

The world is coming to realise that Kanuka honey is as good as Manuka and kiwimana honey will be world renowned 🙂

Sun Through the ManukaIn our household, 2014 has been the year of the fish – my resolution being to load up our family table with kai moana and reap the benefits of all those fabulous fish oils. I am hoping that 2015 will be the year of the bee.

The many health benefits of kanuka honey

Thoughts on beekeeping and mental health

Some people think we are mad because we hangout with bees all day, Emily from Londoan asks are they good for your metal health.

“You are all mad!”, one of our apiary visitors declared, shaking his head in wonder. He had just listened to John and Andy talking about how to painstakingly prepare honey entries for the National Honey Show, including the best ways to air-dry jars so that no pesky water marks remain.

What do you think – is beekeeping good for your health?

Thoughts on beekeeping and mental health

Artwork with buzzNext to a skate park and across the road from a bicycle shop, an artwork is on the move.

The swarm rises from the hive. It swirls in a vortex and then it decamps to the low-lying branch of a nearby tree – 10,000 bees, looking to start a new community.

Sarah Smuts-Kennedy is beyond delighted. Later, in a cafe across the road, she’ll liken the swarm to a kinetic sculpture. Because while we see bees, she sees art.

Artwork with buzz

Terrible news for Elms Apiaries, they honey house was destroyed by a fire in Janurary.

The heat on your face was incredibleForty-four gallon drums full of honey helped fuel a blaze which burned down a beekeeping building near Alexandra on Saturday.

The heat on your face was incredible

Questions from you…

How do I remove Bees from my water feature…Disgruntled Auckland

KiwiMana Water Feeder Side

Crazy talk about Bees in Hamilton, come on guys Bees are not a problem. How can people compare Rats and Bees?

Hamilton residents, particularly those living in the northern suburbs are concerned that the overgrown vegetation is not only an eyesore but a possible health hazard, attracting rats, stoats and bees

Much ado about berms and the bees

If you have a question, email [email protected] and the team at kiwimana will do our best to answer it.

Blog Post Coming Soon

How do you deal with a layer worker.

Feedback from you guys!!!

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One thought on “When I’m Sixty Four – KM064

  1. Avatar photo
    Tyson says:

    Hey Gary and Margaret!
    Thanks for the shout out! Just wanted to say a few things;
    I’ve heard but not tried storing frames with comb in the open air, perhaps under an open-walled shed, to keep wax moths from infesting. You could make runners out of cable or wire of some kind and hang the frames, boxing them up is actually favorable to the wax moths. If you do try it I’d like to see how it works out.
    That tiny swarm! I’ve taken to always donating a frame of brood and honey when housing a swarm. Gives them a head start and they are unlikely to abscond with brood pheromone around. I have a similar tiny swarm and donated TWO frames of brood, one of bee bread and one of honey. In a week they are strong.
    Hope you are enjoying that flow, we’re already up and running here in LA, not much of a winter, really.


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