What Treatment this Spring?

It’s almost spring here in New Zealand so I am looking at treating the bees soon for varroa mites. So far I have found these available in New Zealand:- (1) Thymovar – Thymol based waters (2) Api life Var – Essential oil and Thymol based (3) And Apiguard also Essential oil and Thymol based. I am keen to use these non pesticide based products, have you used any of them. Did you have any luck at all with them in reducing the mite count in your hives? Please comment below or send me an email. Thanks….Gary P.S. I have still be trying to purchase the new wonder Mite Away Quick strips, but haven’t got the supplier in Canada to return my emails yet.

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    Emily Heath says:

    Have tried Apiguard before and will be using it again soon in August, use it once a year once the supers are taken off. If you have a mesh floor it should be closed using a monitoring board to contain the vapour within the brood box.

    Btw Apiguard is not recommended in springtime because it may stop the queen laying for a couple of weeks, which is not what you want when the colony is trying to build up. The same may apply to all the above products you’re considering. See Q6 on these FAQs for more info: http://www.vita-europe.com/wp-content/uploads/VitaApiguardFAQ201208.pdf.

    The most effective treatment I’ve found so far is oxalic acid in winter when there’s no brood about.

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    Gary says:

    Thanks Emily, good point about Apiguard stopping the Queen laying in Spring. I didn’t realise it did that.

    Love your blog been following along for a while now, when I was on my OE I used to live in Greenford. So its great to hear about all the places that I used to know so well.

    See ya…Gary

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    Paul says:

    Not too sure about the first two, but the Apiguard is apparently not so good for Spring treatments as it needs warmer temps – 16 degrees from memory. With more and more stories of Bayvarol resistance cropping up I’m looking at something alternative for Spring for the Manawatu Club so will be interested in what you decide on.

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    Matt says:

    Hi Gary http://www.apivar.co.nz/ very effective for me, but am looking for an alternative for spring as used it in autumn…. Zero mites last week in 24 hours, strips out six weeks ago….. I dont think you are allowed to import anything that has not been registered for use in NZ…..I doubt if Miteaway has been approved yet…..

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    Martin says:

    Your best bet in getting your hands on Mite Away Quick Strips would be to order from a beekeeping supplier in USA direct and not the manufacturer in Canada.
    It is a natural organic formic acid product so we do not need it to be tested to use in New Zealand as long as it can be air freighted. We use formic acid all the time in the treatment of varroa.

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      Gary says:

      Hi Martin yes have tried a few US suppliers, but none have been willing to ship overseas. Will have see if anyone of the suppliers here will bring it into the country. See ya Gary

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    Matt says:

    You guys starting swarm prevention yet? Mine first swarmed mid sept and will probably be earlier this year as its been so mild….

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    Reuben Stanley says:

    Hi all
    I am the importer and distributor for Api Life Var, the best organic thymol product on the world market. We also have Api Herb for the prevention of Nosema.
    These products are made by Chemicals Laif in Italy. They are also looking to import Api Bioxal, easy to use, oxalic acid powder for the treatment against Varroa. We will keep you updated when this product will be registered.
    [email protected]

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