We made a Solar Wax Extractor

Solar Wax Extractor We have been using a series of plastic boxes and bits of paper towel as a solar wax extractor, but these only worked when the day was hotter than hell.  So we designed a Solar Wax Extractor from parts found around the house. I built a box big enough to hold the $6 baking tray that I bought from a local shop.  The tray is on an angle to allow any melted wax to flow down to the bottom, and then into a plastic container with a paper towel clip over the top. The plastic container is full of water to make it easier to pick up the wax at the end of the day. So far it’s been a great improvement on the old system and we have even been getting nice clean yellow Beeswax from some old black blocks of Beeswax. We still need to build a real lid for the extractor, will have to save up or sell some honey to get the timber and the glass for the cover.  At present its an old door from a glass cupboard. So a great success for not much work, now we need to work out how to make our own foundations and we will be set πŸ™‚

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