Visiting the Honey Centre Warkworth

It was a public holiday in New Zealand today, which was a good thing as most of the country is probably nursing a hangover after last nights amazing Rugby world cup victory against France. We headed north to visit Mum and Dad. On our way we visited “The Honey Centre” near Warkworth. The Honey Centre has a cafe which serves nice food, we both had breakfast and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Cafe also has a honey shop that surprise surprise sells honey and other honey products. It also sells some novelty items. We picked up some stickers for the Kiwimana mobile. The honey centre also has an observation hive which was great fun to watch. The bees were dealing with a German wasp while we were watching. The bees were stinging the wasp repeatedly. Bad Wasp!,Bad Wasp! I also took a movie of a bee doing the waggle dance, the movie is a blurry but I will upload it anyway (See below).
Blurry Waggle Dance
We loved the cafe tables which were made of bee hives, very interesting idea indeed. If you are heading north on state highway one it’s worth a stop on your journey. Have you ever been there, what did you think? Here are some more photos (click on them to enlarge)

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