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This week we are talking about Planting for Honeybees and why Bee Removers don’t use Fire!!!

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Beekeeping News

House catches on fire after failed bid to rid bees from home

In many ways this article speaks for itself and takes saving honey bees to another level

STUNG BY FLAMES — Fire personnel were called to 615 W. Dominick St. Thursday afternoon when a resident attempted to remove a beehive from an inside wall using fire, officials said. No one was injured but fire officials said the fire did some damage to the home and also failed to get rid of the bees.

The resident tried to burn the bees out – needless to say – what a flamin’ idiot

The chief also advised not using fire to remove bee hives inside your home.
“Hire a professional,” he suggested

House catches on fire after failed bid to rid bees from home

Your Feedback

Robert HarrisUse a bee spray” ? Is that a real thing or did the fire chief just make it up?
Chris MitchellFischers Bee-quick
Anthony Mead Dumb Ass

10 Important Things to Know About Planting for Honeybees

A great post by Keeping Backyard Bees on guiding principles to how to plant for bees and pollinators

Armed with these guiding principles, you’ll be able not only to plan your own space but also to impress friends with brief but impressively knowledgeable lectures on how to plant specifically for honeybees!

In summary here are 10 principles

Bees do 10 to 15 trips in a day. So plant lots of plants and lots of variety.

Plant plants that flower in different seasons.

Let’s wild flowers grow, a mowed lawn is a waste land for bees.

Blue, violet, purple and white flowers are especially attractive to bees.

Honeybees only visit one type of flower in any one foraging trip. This is called ‘flower fidelity’ and is what makes them such effective pollinators.

Plant all kinds of plants.

Plant thick bushes with lots of flowers.

Bees can’t feed from complex flower structures. Plant simple plants not hybrid.

Have a pond, a bowl of pebbles full of rainwater provides a good stop off.

Read up on organic gardening techniques, this will ensure that they have never been treated with insecticides

10 Important Things to Know About Planting for Honeybees

Your Feedback

Julie Stirling I’ve got a backyard with lots of fruit trees and natives at Bethells Beach. Do you know of anyone who would like to park a few hives?

Well thanks for listening to the bonus show, we will be back in a couple of weeks with an interview with Paul and Tracy from the Beehive Jive show.

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