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This is Episode One Hundred and thirty four of our beekeeping podcast. This week we are talking to Paul and Tracey from London.

We are Gary and Margaret, we love Honey bees, we are kiwimana and we are Beekeepers who live in the Waitakere Ranges, on the Wild West coast of Auckland, in New Zealand.

kiwimana is a place where the beekeeping community can share a conversation and connect.

…we also – as if that wasn’t enough – build and sell beekeeping supplies, we teach beginner Beekeepers and provide beekeeper services and advice. And we are the “beesknees” Club, Facebook group

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The interview was recorded in August 2018


Paul and Tracey are Beekeeping friends from South London, who are the hosts of The Beehive Jive Podcast. We talk about how they keep bees despite the English weather.

Here is what you will discover (Now with Times!!!)

  • Why Paul doesn’t bother with Honey Competitions 00:04:12
  • The National Honey Show in the UK 00:04:35
  • Beelining with Tom Seeley 00:05:17
  • Bumble Bees in the UK 00:06:06
  • Neonicotinoids in England 00:07:51
  • What got Tracey and Paul Started in Beekeeping 00:10:26
  • The Beekeeping Associations network is amazing 00:11:25
  • Tracey runs a Basic Beekeeping Course 00:12:32
  • The before the Internet Beekeeper 00:14:28
  • Why people love the Beehive Jive 00:16:01
  • What transformed the way Paul Keeps Bees 00:16:39
  • Traceys Angry Bees 00:18:20
  • Tracey Does Bee Safari Experiences 00:21:38
  • The second season is when Beekeeping Starts 00:23:05
  • Tracey has a Bee Gym 00:25:39
  • How does Paul Treat his Bees? 00:26:40
  • Did the recent Heatwave effect bees in the UK 00:32:44
  • Why are Beekeepers Obsessed by the weather 00:35:07
  • Tracey’s Queen Burial process 00:36:18
  • What does Paul’s Handbag have on it 00:42:41
  • Did Tracey keep bees in Australia? 00:42:49
  • Whats the greatest challenge facing beekeepers? 00:44:17
  • Is foul brood still treated in the UK? 00:45:22

Links / Resources mentioned this week

  • The Beehive Jive blog/podcast is HERE Find them on Apple Podcasts HERE
  • Follow them on Twitter HERE
  • Join the Croydon Beekeepers’ Association HERE
  • The National Honey Show Talks are on YouTube HERE
  • Dave Goulsons book about Bumble Bees “A Sting in the Tail” can be found HERE
  • Honeybee Democracy by Thomas D. Seeley can be bought HERE The Sustainable Apiary by Mike Palmer Video is HERE
  • The Bee Colony as a Honey Factory by Tom Seeley Video is HERE
  • Our interview with Roger Patterson can be found HERE
  • Tracey Does Bee Safari Experiences, learn more HERE
  • Oxalic acid, the varroa mite and me Oxalic acid, the varroa mite and me

After Show

Key Takeaways

  • Don’t freak out when you find a queen cell
  • Why beekeeping is sometimes like being in Lord of the Rings
  • You don’t buy honey from the supermarkets in Queensland
  • People shouldn’t give up too quickly
  • Tracy’s queen funeral tradition honours the queens work,

End of the Show!!

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