Tyson Kaiser is an Ethical Bee Remover – KM039

Tyson KaiserJoin us for our thirty ninth beekeeping podcast this week we chat with Tyson Kaiser. You can download the podcast directly from HERE, or click on the play button above.

Tyson Kaiser is a ethical bee remover from the city of Los Angeles. His company is call Sweet Bee Removal and his mission is to help the bees help the environment, by moving feral bees into hive boxes.

Tyson Kaiser’s web site is http://sweetbeeremoval.com/

Links mentioned in the interview with Tyson Kaiser

Tyson has recently setup a new mailing list about treatment free Urban Beekeeping, you can find out more about this mailing list HERE

If you are an urban beekeeping or thinking about it you can join this list by sending an email to [email protected]

Tyson recommended book is “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Beekeeping”

Honey Love Bee Rescue Page for the LA Area:- http://honeylove.org/rescuebees/

Here is some pictures from a recent Bee Removal that Tyson sent in:-

2 thoughts on “Tyson Kaiser is an Ethical Bee Remover – KM039

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    Jason Bruns says:

    Thank you both SOOOOO much for discussing how hardy bees can be. I agree that the single greatest problem faced by bees is ignorance. Gary this is the best interview I think THE BUZZ has done. Here in rural Indiana there are many feral hives around. They are thriving in this heavy agricultural area. It is important to get the message out there to hobbiest keepers that there are other ways to get into beekeeping as well as manage those hives.

    Feral hives won’t always overwinter or survive, but if you can get them for free it goes a long way toward sustainability for small scale keepers. It is refreshing to hear a beekeeping podcast that is NOT all doom and gloom!

    Thank you Tyson and Gary.

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      Gary Fawcett says:

      Thanks Jason for the feedback, I agree with Tyson that ignorance is a big killer of bees. How many swarms in trees have been killed by pest controllers, because the owner didn’t think about calling a local beekeeper.

      Cheers Jason, we hope you enjoy our future shows. I agree its not all doom and gloom with the bees.


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