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Thyme waits for no beekeeperHi this is Episode Fifty Six of our beekeeping podcast, This week we are talking about Less Invasive Beekeeping, Young Chapie beekeepers and Marijuana sting.

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Hi, it’s Gary and Margaret here, We are beekeepers from the hills of the Waitakere Ranges in West Auckland, New Zealand. Our podcast is about beekeeping, Gardening and bit of politics about environmental issues. We also have been known to go off on tangents about other issues.

What’s happening at kiwimana


  • Next Beekeepers Hangout, Sun 28 September 2014, see HERE for more details
  • New processes to help keep up with workload.
  • The Bee Day – Fun information day for hobbyists and commercial beekeepers in Rotorua 12 October, details HERE
  • Manuka: The Biography of an Extraordinary Honey by Cliff Van Eaton
  • Green Party and the election 🙁


  • Building beeginuzz kits
  • Treatment / monitoring
  • Beeginner Course – October
  • Lots of questions from you guys
  • Api life var – bee behavior, See the New Zealand instrucations HERE
  • Splits – what needs to happen?, here is our article about doing splits HERE
  • Spring preparation – DECA checks, book kiwimana to yours HERE
  • Treatments – what and how often
  • Extra gear – what gear is needed to start beekeeping

Blog Recap

    Erin Willet Podcast Cover

  1. Erin Willett Beekeeping at Smaht Fahm
  2. The Beekeeping Season 2014 Is Here
  3. Different Types Of Beehives


Beekeeping News

An interesting story from Russian about some bees used in a cannabis plantation.

Russian police met their match as they attempted to clear a cannabis plantation. They were sent fleeing from the scene by scores of angry bees. However, officers had the last laugh when they returned wearing protective gear to get rid of the weed.

Marijuana sting

CandleThis great article lists some great uses of this wonderful resource that most beekeepers can have in abundance. Did you know you can use it in sewing?

Beeswax is one of the coolest substances, in my eyes. It’s completely natural, being that it is actually formed by the worker bees (all females) which secret it through 8 wax-producing mirror glands on the inner sides of their abdomen. These mirror glands are the reason for the honeycomb shape.

17 Cool and Unusual Uses for Beeswax

In this article from from Stuff, we find out about two young chapies from Palmerston North are doing very well in their beekeeping venture.

Photo: WARWICK SMITH/Fairfax

Matthew and Daniel Mason started beekeeping when they were just 12 and 14 years old. That was five years ago. Just kids, but they had a real interest in bees then, and still do. They have 100 hives now and sell their honey at the Palmerston North Albert St market.

Honey is the bees knees

A great post from Sam Comfort from Anarchy Apiaries, check out this very cool site and article.

WHY THE HONEY BEE IS DECLINING To put the qualms of anthropomorphizing aside, the short answer (for the folks making chit chat): Bees are fed up with the way we treat the dirt and not gonna take it anymore! They are pissed!

Less Invasive Beekeeping

Article about the GM swedes:- Call for inquiry into cow-killing swedes

Local New Zealand Honey producer says new labeling guideline may not work.

A long-established honey marketer, Airborne Honey, says a new labelling guide for manuka honey won’t provide consumers or overseas regulators with the assurance they need. The Ministry for Primary Industries released its interim guideline last week, while research continues into the specifications for the high valued honey.

Honey firm criticises manuka labelling

Auckland CouncilWe discuss the new bylaws proposed in the Auckland Super City and its implications to keeping bees in Auckland in future. Some of the guidelines seem to more focused on commercial beekeepers.

Auckland Council is proposing to make a single Auckland-wide bylaw for animal management and to replace eighteen existing bylaws. We want to provide Aucklanders with the opportunity to own different types of animals for companionship, but also minimise possible impact on their neighbours.

Animal Management Bylaw

Questions from you…

  • When do I put on my first honey box?….Pat
  • What are the benefits of Meshboards?

If you have a question, email [email protected] and the team at kiwimana will do our best to answer it.

Blog Post Coming Soon

  • Keeping Bees in Japan with James
  • Margarets New Bee Course
  • How to move a beehive across your garden
  • and What is blooming at kiwimana

Feedback from you guys!!! forum

Ingo write:-

Hi Gary and Margret.
I enjoy your podcasts as a newbie beekeeper and am slowly listening to them all whilst driving to work. My wife and I spent a very happy year working in New Plymouth in the early 90’s, so got to know your beautiful country a little.
Best wishes, Ingo.

Itunes Reviews

One of the Best Beekeeping Podcasts Around – The Farming Podcast – 5 Stars – United States of America

There are a few podcasts I always listen to. This is one of them. Lots of fun to listen to and great information! Thanks Gary and Margaret! Josiah Garber | The Farming Podcast – Friday, 29 August 2014

Here is our interview with Josiah HERE, Josiah’s podcast can be found HERE.

Beekeeper – Andreas Germann Switzerland – 5 Stars – Switzerland

I have soon listened to all the podcasts on my way to and from work. I found the information very helpfull in particularly the interviews from all over the world. I have five hives here in switzerland just next to our house, just love my bees to see how perfect they work together. Keep up the hard work with those podcasts it is greatly appreciated. Andreas – Wednesday, 10 September 2014

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