Twenty One Today – Sugar Shaking, Pseudoscorpions and Bees at Weddings? KM021


Hi, this is Episode Twenty One, Margaret is back in the kiwimana HQ studio, This week we are talking about Sugar Shaking, Pseudoscorpions and Bees at Weddings?

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Some good ideas here from from the Daily Meal about how to help the bees at your wedding.
5 Easy Ways You Can Help Bees at Your Wedding

Photo by Bahman Farzad</font
Photo by Bahman FarzadDevastating honeybee loss reported across United States expected to impact food prices

A report from CBS News in America about the devastating winter losses this year across America.
Honey bees have been dying off in large numbers in recent years. CBS News’ Michelle Miller reports on how this drastic increase in their death rate could threaten our food supply.

In this special podcast series called “The Neonicotinoid View”, hosts June Stoyer and guest co-host, Tom Theobald, talk to the Vice-President of the Ontario Beekeeper’s Association, Tibor Szabo. Tibor is a 3rd generation beekeeper and the largest queen producer in Canada.
The Neonicotinoid View: The Ontario Bee Poisonings of 2012

Another view of the neonicotinoid debate by Jon Entine from Forbes.
Science Collapse Disorder – The Real Story Behind Neonics And Mass Bee Deaths

Our article from July 2012 become popular again with the news of the limited ban on Neonicotinoids in the European Union for two years :).[caption id="attachment_4743" align="alignleft" width="150"]Neonicotinoids available now at your Garden CentreNeonicotinoids available now at your Garden Centre
Neonicotinoids available now at your garden centre

Shocking news form the UK, 1 in 5 kids don’t even know what bees looks like.
A shocking number of British kids have never seen a bee

UK Gardeners are encouraged to let ivy grow, We wonder what ivy honey is like, have your tried it?
Gardeners in the UK urged to let ivy flourish to save bees

BurglarBeehives stolen from the Bay of Plenty
Beekeeper and Apiflora NZ director Steve Weenink said the beehives were taken from Jensen Rd, Omanawa on March 26.
Please contact the Tauranga South police if you have any information.
Beekeeper stung by thieves

Gary wrote a new article this month about ways to keep wasps of your bee hives.
German Wasps – How to Keep them out of your bee hives

Beekeeping_NightA fundraising event for the TRSS Kindergarten in Titirangi in Auckland. The movie Queen of the Sun will be playing (Click on the image for more details).

Pseudoscorpion CloseupHere is the Article about Pseudoscorpion that Margaret wanted to share with you guys, we are interviewing Sam Read this week about his research into these helpful insects in the battle against varroa mites.
Update on natural mite fall


Carrie in Seattle writes:-

I have been teaching an after-school seminar on beekeeping, and one of my students found your page while looking for other resources to share with the class. I wanted to say thanks for creating your page – I found some resources on there that I had not seen elsewhere. Thought you might want to know!

Huge thanks to Carrier and her class :).

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