Treating our new Hives with Api Life Var

Varroa Mite

In between collecting swarms we checked on our new hives today and treated them with “Api Life Var” the organic mite treatment, the mites counts have been low but we have been told that treating a hive with low brood is more effective. So lets see what happens.

So in summary this is what we did today:-

Added some Bee tea Sugar feed to the new swarm we picked up last night “Swanson 1”, will publish recipe later if the bees like it.

Added another level and treated “Whenuapai 1”

Treated the swarm from Rocky, “Taupaki 1”. Also Margaret added another level as the girls are going crazy.

Sorry no photos today, it was a quick mission on our way to more swarm calls. We have also now run out of full-sized boxes, so we better buy some more wood soon…Don’t worry Rocky the ones we made for you are safe :)….

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