Tom Theobald Beekeeper and Campaigner – KM063


This week we are talking to Tom Theobald from Colorado. This is Episode Sixty Three of our beekeeping podcast.

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Tom Theobald Beekeeper – Introduction

Tom Theobald is a beekeeper from Colorado. Tom has been a long time campaigner against Neonicotinoids and was the president of the Boulder County Beekeepers’ Association for over thirty years.

Here’s What You’ll Discover from Tom

  • Tom TheobaldBoulder County was the leading beekeeping county in state of Colorado
  • What excites Tom about Beekeeping
  • Why did Tom Decide to leave the corporate world behind
  • A new corn seed that contains 24D. more details HERE
  • Neonicotinoids are the most widley used pesticide in history
  • The Windshield Test of Bugs in your area
  • What is conditional registration
  • Clothianidin has never meet the requirements of registration

We are confronted with such a hostile environment to life,
It doesn’t matter how well we do our job as beekeepers
We are sending them out to an environment that they cannot survive.
Tom Theobald

What Was Mentioned

  • A new pesticide going through the approval process flupyradifurone
  • The Worldwide Integrated Assessment report on Systemic Pesticides, you can read it HERE
  • Charles M Benbrook report “Impacts of genetically engineered crops on pesticide use in the U.S. – the first sixteen years” is HERE
  • Neonicotinoids available now at your Garden CentreOur Talk with Dr Henk Tennekes can be found HERE
  • Neonicotinoid pesticides found contaminating streams and rivers throughout Midwest, read more HERE
  • Tom’s Bee Culture article, can be found here:- Do We Have a Pesticide Blowout?
  • Tom appears on the The Organic View Podcast weekly
  • Tom’s Corner Blog Post, you can find this HERE

Tom Theobald on Sixty Miniutes

Tom Theobald looks at Neonicotinoid insecticides and the mass-death of bee colonies

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    5 thoughts on “Tom Theobald Beekeeper and Campaigner – KM063

    1. Avatar photo
      Nick jordan says:

      Stunning interview heard Tom before and he has many good points to make that needs to be listened to with an open mind, in my view this is essential listening. What a future we are making for our children we have opened Pandora’s box ! Thanks Gary for posting this podcast and Tom for your endless energy in challenging this lunacy.

    2. Avatar photo
      LazyBkpr says:

      I hear Tom talk a lot about how deadly Neonics are. How much MORE of it we use, and he compares it as a nuclear bomb with DDT and other pesticides as a rock..

      I dont have issue with the fact that Neonics are bad. I do believe they are bad. But at the same time, I have not walked out to one of my APiaries, and found millions of dead bees since the neonics became accepted and widely used.
      MAYBE.. they kill slowly. MAYBE they build up in the wax and kill eggs, Larvae and pupae. The argument I have, si that at least I have a chance to rotate that wax every few years.. I find that a LOT nicer, that discovering an entire outyard INSTANTLY dead because the neighbor had the crop duster spray his field.
      We will NOT stop insecticide use. The value of insecticide use on U.S. crops has caused a $20 billion increase in yield value. People will get hurt before this amount of money is eliminated. Governments will topple and wars will start. I too would like to see something better, than poisoning our environment… which brings me to this.
      What is the alternative? I hear SO MANY people flapping their lips about how bad this is and that is and we need to get rid of it NOW!!! Anyone yelling about something they do not like, without offering an alternative is just a lip flapper.
      Stop flapping your lips, and offer an alternative! Flap your lips about FINDING an alternative!
      If you can offer a safe alternative, YOU will be a world renowned hero to all parties involved. Barring of course the companies making billions on the poisons.
      I DO NOT want to go back to spraying. We have EAGLES living here in Iowa again. We have FISH in the creeks and ponds. I can EAT the fish from the rivers again. I LIKE how things have turned around since the use of neonics have stopped the spraying.
      And, so you know, Every hive I have (Around 40) is within a few paces of that neonic corn and bean planted field.

    3. Avatar photo
      Sarah says:

      I’m an organic gardener and clinical herbalist, and I am so saddened and angry about the vast amount of pesticide and herbicide use here in Longmont, CO. Our neighborhood was sprayed six weeks in a row last year. It goes on summer after summer all over town. We are going to be moving out of Longmont because of this.

      The City Counsel here has been given numerous resources and has received numerous communications regarding environmentally friendly strategies for mosquito control, such as the larvacide-only policy adopted by Boulder, Colorado a few years back. Other strategies DO exist if you do some research. An excellent letter was published in our local newspaper written by an environmental attorney discussing the dangers and dire ineffectiveness of spraying pesticides all over town for mosquito control. I, myself, have written many letters to the Times-Call and to City Council with little or no response from either the public or the government. What’s up with that?

      Tom nailed it over and over again in this talk. Love him. Wish more people were paying attention.

    4. Avatar photo
      Bill says:

      This pesticide problem is being driven by big money and a Corrupt US congress, so don’t expect any positive changes in the near future.

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