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photo courtesy of Aaron Hutching
photo courtesy of Aaron Hutching

Well it’s a been a crazy year at kiwimana, it’s was our first year doing the beekeeping supply business and we have learnt lots and met a great number of you guys.

We have enjoyed meeting you guys that made the effort to visit us at kiwimana HQ over the past year, and thanks for all the great emails, Mead, Wine, Eggs, Chocolate Biscuits and lots of company.

We are going to have a slow down over the Christmas Break, the shop will still be open but we won’t be publishing any new blog posts or podcasts. So this is a great chance to download or read the most popular ones for 2013, here is a summary of the best Blog Posts and Podcasts (based on your downloads) that you may have missed:-

Top Five Blog Posts 2013

  1. Beekeeping 101 (Seven Steps to becoming a Beekeeper)
  2. Vaporizing Varroa Mites??? With a Oxalic Acid Vaporizer!!!
  3. German Wasps – How to Keep them out of your bee hives
  4. Apistan – What is it and Why we don’t use it
  5. Borage – Why Is It So Good For Bees?

Top Five Podcast for 2013

  1. Paul Berry Discusses being an Organic Beekeeper
  2. Phil Chandler and Kevin Inglin
  3. Dangerous Extractors
  4. James Moore talks about his bees and the Swarmy Application
  5. Kevin Inglin from the BK Corner Podcast

Thanks for supporting us guys, both myself and Margaret hope you have a restful break with your friends and family, we will see you all in the New Year.

Merry Christmas
Gary and Margaret 🙂

2 thoughts on “Time to Reflect on kiwimana

  1. Nick Jordan says:

    The Phil Chandler interview was the best of 2013 for me on kiwimana, he is a real inspiration to all us hTBH beekeepers, thanks for all you hard work in putting together the podcasts it’s much appreciated by beekeepers throughout the world.

  2. Gary Fawcett says:

    Thanks Nick for the comments, yes it was great talking to Phil. We will see if he can do another show in 2014 for all your TBH beekeepers.

    Cheers for the support this year Nick, myself and Margaret love hearing from all you guys. It amazes us that people all around the world are getting value out of what we do here at kiwimana HQ.


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