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This week we are talking about Jars of Honey selling for $1800 and why Mad Honey isn’t a great Christmas Present.

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Beekeeping News

Mad Honey – The dangers of the Rhododendron

Another great post from David from the Apiarist Blog from Scotland, David is talking about “Mad Honey” and is it a problem for Honey producers.

For an insect pollinated plant – rhododendron nectar contains high levels of Grayanotoxins which are toxic to many different animals. These types of toxins are usually produced by plants to reduce foliar grazing.

Talking Points

  • Rhododendron has become an invasive weed across many parts of the UK
  • Some varieties have been shown to produce the toxin contains Grayanotoxins which are a group of neurotoxins
  • In the times Before Christ Pompey the Great and his Roman army were chasing King Mithridates of Pontus and his Persian army along the Black Sea.

    The Persians gathered pots full of local honey and left them for the Roman troops to find, They ate the honey, became disoriented and couldn’t fight. The Persian army returned and killed over 1,000 Roman troops

    So, first time Honey was used in War?

  • Its toxic to some bees, bees that consume it are 20 more time likely to die.

There are more than 700 different species of rhododendron in the world, but according to our knowledge just two or three include grayanotoxin in their nectars

Süleyman Turedi, a doctor at the Karadeniz Technical University School of Medicine in Trabzon, Turkey

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Read the full story here:-

Mad honey – The dangers of the Rhododendron

Your Feedback

Jill Dalton So where does our NZ Rhododendron fit into this somewhat alarming picture?
Trish Stretton I have a Rhodo in flower at the moment and it is being visited by bees. Should I be cutting this out????

Rare ultra-high strength mānuka honey retails for $1800

Ka Ching….there goes the money train….pulling into the gravy station…I think most of us wished we had thought of this first…but hear it is….Choo Choo …

A Christchurch-based company has unveiled a rare honey with a bee-wildering price tag. Manuka South will release an ultra-high strength limited edition honey costs about $1800 for a 250 gram jar. The honey is targeted towards international tourists with only three hundred jars on offer.

Talking points

  • Great way to increase business revenue
  • Good advertising strategy – creating scarcity – desirability and imparts to collecting fine wine so perhaps a real new trend?
  • Requires effort to collect the honey at exactly the right time to capture the right honey

Rare ultra-high strength mānuka honey retails for $1800

Your Feedback

Robert McInnes na:- it’s not unreasonable. load any natural product with meth and its gold. LOL
Bryan Mitchell What a feckin rip off. The hype about Manuka honey is ridiculous,plain and simple. BTW. The picture shows a brood comb NOT a honey comb.
Mathew Jordan No honey is worth that what a joke doesn’t even say how much umf is in it
Barry Oliver Looks like a good queen in that hive judging by the amount of brood
Mathew Jordan Target in the Asians with money falling out there back pockets
Fiona Yuan Why is it so expensive ?
Bryan Mitchell It’s a scam for rich idiots to swallow.
Fiona Yuan ‘Bryan Mitchell’ there is a supply there is a demand. I’d rather donate that amount of money to charity

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To those celebrating in colder climes take care and keep warm.

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    tripping balls says:

    Mad honey is a product in America now that contains phycoactive alkaloids basically it’s tripping honey and it’s origin is from Nepal.

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