The Way We Used to Bee – New Zealands First Beekeeping Podcast – KM133

The Way We Used to Bee – New Zealands First Beekeeping Podcast by Nick Wallingford

In 2006 Nick Wallingford released a series of podcasts about the history of Beekeeping in New Zealand. He has kindly given us permission to share this series of episodes here for you.

This is how Nick describes his show:-

A podcast of 5 to 10 minute episodes talking about the history of NZ beekeeping and the characters and incidents that have shaped the industry over the last 100 years.

Nick Wallingford 2006

This was the very first beekeeping podcast from New Zealand. Our podcast started six years later in 2012.

Nicks show was mentioned in our recent interview with Nigel Costley. A few listeners expressed an interest in listening to these old shows.

This lead me to contact the original podcast creator Nick Wallingford. Nick moved to New Zealand from Texas in 1974 (If you were wondering about his US/kiwi accent).

Nick was the president of the National Beekeepers Association of New Zealand.

Nick is now 67 and has retired to the Bay of Plenty.

Here are the episodes:- Press on the Play Button to play the episode…

The Way We Used to Bee – 01: Introductions

Nick introduces his show and what you can expect in the coming episodes. – 20-May-2006

The Way We Used to Bee – 02: Peter Pegram

A returned serviceman invents the worlds easiest Honey Extractor. – 21-May-2006

The Way We Used to Bee 03: Allan Bates, packing machine, honey creamer

Nick talks about a Taranaki Beekeeper from the 1920s and his gadgets – 22-May-2006

The Way We Used to Bee 04: Trevor Palmer-Jones

Nick talks about his meeting with Trevor Palmer Jones about his work in the 30’s and 40’s. He discovered that Tutin was producing poisoned honey.- 06-Jun-2006

The Way We Used to Bee – 05: Famous Beekeeper families

The famous Bray family – 10/6/2006

The Way We Used to Bee – 06: Jack Fraser and Kevin Ecroyd

A story about adulated honey from the 1976 conference – 18/6/2006

The Way We Used to Bee – 07: Jack Glenn

Jack Glenn was a beekeeper from Southland, Nick shares a story from Jack. – 24/6/2006

The Way We Used to Bee – 08: Percy Hillary Beekeeper

His work in Honey Marketing – 16/7/2006

Thanks Nick for allowing us to share these shows with you all…Gary

Show Times

  • TWWUTB – 01 : Introductions 00:02:06
  • TWWUTB – 02 : Peter Pegram 00:08:09
  • TWWUTB – 03: Allan Bates, packing machine, honey creamer 00:13:03
  • TWWUTB – 04: Trevor Palmer-Jones 00:17:24
  • TWWUTB – 05: Famous Beekeeper families 00:23:43
  • TWWUTB – 06: Jack Fraser and Kevin Ecroyd 00:31:31
  • TWWUTB – 07: Jack Glenn 00:37:14
  • TWWUTB – 08: Percy Hillary Beekeeper 00:41:36

End of the Show!!

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