The tale of the Pool Side Bees

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Day One Got a call from Mary in Glen Eden, a swarm of bees had taken up residence on the side of her pool house. It was into the Kiwimana mobile after work, with a spare hive that I had gathered together from parts found in the workshop. Mary said she thinks the bees had been there about a week, but I noticed a large comb hanging from the pool house around six inches long. I’m pretty sure these guys have been here for around three weeks. This was their new home, so they were pretty aggressive bees. I must remember to bring gloves on swarm calls. Because you never know what you will find. Usually swarms are pretty calm, but not these guys. The girls managed to give me three stings for my troubles. I cut the largest comb and placed it into the hive box. But judging by the bees actions, I’m pretty sure the queen is still on the side of the building. The area is a dangerous spot, the bees were around 1.5 meters up, but over the fence was a six metre drop. The deck surface was also very slippery.

Day Two Mary called to advise that the bees have moved from the wall into the hive. I will go and visit and investigate. We visited and indeed bees are coming and going from the hive. They have been busy building comb as well, I did noticed some new eggs. So we are fairly certain the hive is queen right. But it does concern me that some bees are coming and going from the hole where an electric cable is coming our from? Bees are also managing to get into the pool house, but can’t get back out, so the floor has become a wasteland of dead bees :(.

We will pick up the hive tonight. Hopefully the house owner are not dealing with another Colony in the wall. Conclusion We picked up the bees tonight, didn’t see any activity from the hole in the wall. I sealed it with some tape, just in case. Mary the home owner said a small amount of bees flew away the morning before we checked them. Maybe this was the hole in the wall bees? Welcome to KiwiMana “Glen Eden 2” found 11 kms from HQ.

We have since checked on the bees, and the amount of bees is much smaller than the first swarm. So I think its pretty certain that the swarm had split in two before we picked them up :(. The hive has three Queen Cells and we also provided them a frame of new eggs. We suspect they don’t have a valid Queen. Here are all the photos:-

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