Lucas Blair and the Lost Bee – KM028

This is the audio of the live event where we talked to Lucas Blair from Little Bird Games from Pennsylvania in North America. Lucas is developing an interactive eBook for children called “The Lost bee”.

The ebook also includes several games and will run on most tablet computers.

Larvae Game

You can read more about this project and help them out at:- Lost Bee Kickstarter Project

The lost bee is a story about a lost bumble bee that is raised in a Bee Colony and has to learn how to be a honeybee. It’s aim is too teach kids and adults about pollination and the plight of Honey Bees in today’s world.

Please get behind this project by helping these guys out. The kickstarter ends on 13 September 2013.

facebookIf you are facebook you can also follow the project at the Lost Bee Facebook Page.

Thanks to everyone that came along and asked questions during this live interview.

You can also watch the video of the interview Here:-

2 thoughts on “Lucas Blair and the Lost Bee – KM028

  1. Avatar photo
    Raymond Huber says:

    This ebook looks wonderful, thank you, Gary. I have a new picture book out internationally: Flight of the Honey Bee is poetic non-fiction about a bee’s journey to help the hive make honey. Let me know if you’d like a copy to review.

    • Avatar photo
      Gary Fawcett says:

      Hi Raymond,

      Yes that would be wonderful, would you also be happy to come on the podcast and discuss your book and work?



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