The Kiwimana Buzz Beekeeping Podcast #1 – Our First Podcast

Show Notes

Welcome to the first Kiwimana buzz podcast.

Kiwimana News

What’s been happening at Kiwimana?

Wrapping up your bees in a Quilt? LINK
An old idea taken from Warre hives that we are going to test over winter

Music TOM LARK All Night Long LINK
We got to meet the bass player from the band Tom Lark, while we were buying a mixer to record our podcast.

Replacing old comb in your hive LINK
Why we replace old comb in our hives.

Save the Bees – Stop the Fee – UPDATE LINK
Team Kiwimana visit the town hall and met Mayor Len Brown. What’s the latest update?

Misconceptions at the Waitemata Home and Garden show LINK
Some funny stories about what members of the public people thought about bees.

Other News

US – Waldorf Astoria Hotel installs bee hives on its roof LINK
A luxury hotel in New York has installed six beehives on its rooftop. With the goal of harvesting honey by mid-summer.

NZ – Blood-sucking varroa mites spread to Southland LINK
Varroa mites have been discovered in the lower South Island region of New Zealand :(.

Ireland – Breeding a better bee LINK
Beekeepers in Tipperary are breeding bees that can resist the Varroa mite.
This is similar to the Mercury Island project which has recently ended in New Zealand.

Backyard Pesticide Use May Fuel Bee Die-Offs LINK
Neonicotinoid pesticides are being used in everday consumer plant treatments, home gardeners are asked to be more careful what they purchase for they gardens.

Neonicotinoid’s to avoid, a good guide to take with you to the garden centre from the Albuquerque Beekeepers website. LINK
We wonder how many of these are being sold in New Zealand?

US – Mild winter could lead to huge honeybee die-off come fall LINK
Elevated mite loads because of the good health of the honey bees coming out of a mild winter.

The BK Corner Podcast – LINK
Kevin Inglin’s podcast, a hobby beekeeper from central New Jersey.

Upcoming events in New Zealand

2 June 2012 – Bee Keeping Wananga 2012
9 June 2012 – Auckland Bee Club 65th Anniversary (Auckland)
10 June 2012 – The Franklin Bee Club “Club Day”
23 June 2012 – Inaugral NZ Natural Beekeeping Conference
28 June 2012 – Manawatu Bee Club Monthly Meeting

Closing Comments

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