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This is Episode One hundred and fifty two of our beekeeping show – The Honeybee Corridor

We are Gary and Margaret, We are kiwimana.

kiwimana are beekeepers who keep bees on the Wild West Coast of Auckland in New Zealand. We love to teach about beekeeping. We sell beekeeping supplies and share information to help you keep honey bees organically.

In this episode we talk about a Honeybee Corridor and can American Foulbrood be cured ? We also have roving reporters checking in from New Zealand and the United States of America.

What’s Happening with our Bees – We talk to Margaret

Margaret – No matter which way you want to manage your bees, we have all been challenged this Spring here in New Zealand’s west coast of Auckland.
The weather is causing delays in our Spring start with weather causing the bees to stay indoors with cold temperatures returning resulting in our bees having to feed heavily.
Gary – So how does being an Organic or Natural Beekeeper help with this kind of crisis ?
Margaret – Benefits of being a natural beekeeper means that because we save honey frames for our colonies our girls get the nutrients they need rather than us having to buy in sugar and then having to prepare which takes time and money and let’s face it …it’s not the best food…we all know the best food for bees are their own honey!
We still have some honey frames But getting down to the last ones.
Gary – the weather definitely has been changing more than farmers change their underwear
Margaret – Yeah I know it’s been awful…changing underwear aside. Even now just as we prepare for this show we have had weather warnings for strong winds and more rain…contrast was that yesterday we had temperatures up to 23 degrees Celsius and it was very hot!
Gary – But it’s a whole different story today ! What have the bees been doing ?
Margaret – Not much, they hardly flew today…then Drop in temperature with heavy consistent rain but inside the hives the girls are working hard to keep temperatures up in the hives, especially in the split hives which are raising the new-season queens….they are using their honey stores to help them to get the energy needed to vibrate and keep brood and queen cells warm.
To be honest, the weather has been a real pain in the hive. End of September saw most of the hives split. Only two more to go. I do feel quite tired with it all.
I think it’s now a wait and see …sometimes we just have to be patient
Gary – what things are you waiting on ?
Margaret – Hopefully :-

  • Some sunny weather longer than 1 day and hope we get Spring properly
  • Waiting on the splits raising new-season queens
  • An opportunity to inspect the older queens
  • Lawns not mud

Can’t wait to report our results so watch this space

Roving Reporters

Nicole – Colorado – United States of America

Nicole runs a small hobby farm in Pueblo West, Colorado with her husband, Patrick. She loves animals, the outdoors, and orchids!

Check out her blog and podcast over on

Gudney – Central Auckland – New Zealand

Gudney is an amazing Beekeeper and friend.

Check out her WindRush Hive Data HERE on

Thanks Gudney for being a supporter of the kiwimana Buzz!!!

Gudney Hive Data

Do you want to bee a Roving Reporter?

It would be awesome if you can help create the kiwimana buzz by being part of the show –  reporting  in from your location while in the field

If so…Could you record a quick update of one to two minutes of your local weather conditions and what other people should be doing with the bees in your area.

To Learn how to get your report to us, check out:- How to become a Roving Reporter

Beekeeping News

America’s Largest “Honeybee Corridor” Unveiled in North Carolina

Great work @BeeDowntown, a collection of Bee yards have been set up to create a bee Corridor and helping to bring awareness of Bee to corporations.

The bee “corridor,” which was created through years of partnership between Bee Downtown and numerous prominent companies throughout the Triangle area, contains upwards of 150 hives and houses more than 9.5 million honeybees.

Talking Points

  • 60 miles of healthy honey bee-pollinated space contains upwards of 150 hives and houses more than 9.5 million honeybees
  • Bee Downtown has small numbers of hives strategically placed at corporations throughout each region
  • Buzzworthy startup Bee Downtown installs and maintains beehives on corporate campuses across the Southeast.
  • Leigh-Kathryn Bonner, Founder and CEO of Bee Downtown
  • Check them out at
  • Also check Leighs new podcast “Beesness of Leadership Podcast“, all about startups and Leadership.

Your Feedback

Leigh Digs 🙂

Eliminating American Foulbrood using Endolysins

In this story from news medical discusses a new discovery In the scientific world. Could this discovery lead to a real cure for American Foulbrood in our lifetime?

Until recently, there was no known cell-binding domain that could bind to Paenibacillus larva, a bacterium known to cause American Foulbrood. In this case study, researchers identified the first endolysin cell-binding domain that targets Paenibacillus larvae.

Talking Points

  • No known cell-binding domain that could bind to Paenibacillus larva.
  • Researchers identified the first endolysin cell-binding domain that targets Paenibacillus
  • These phages have been used in countries such as Russia to kill bacteria, but since these are protein based some patients are allergic to them.
  • These bacteriophages or phages can be used to kill superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics
  • Bacteriophages express endolysins toward the end of their replication cycle to degrade the microbial cell wall from within
  • What will this mean for beekeepers, will this be the cure for AFB and is the end of using antibiotics in bee hives?

Phages: Nature’s ninjas in the battle against superbugs – Heather Hendrickson

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Jules Kent Interesting

Feedback from You

Hi from Vienna – Lothar writes:-

We just had Thomas Seeley in Vienna and I recorded his three talks and Q&A for our European Podcast “Bienengespräche“ which usually airs in German language.

I decided to publish Tom’s Talks in an extraordinary long 5:40 h English episode and I thought you might be interested in his talks – they were great.

Feel free to share the link with your audience if you want. Keep doing your show, I don’t hear every episode of yours, but at least some!

All the best, Lothar

The show can be found HERE

End of the Show

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Daniella pineda – Thanks Danielle for all your support

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Big shout out and thanks to Fil Tarjanyi from New South Wales, Thanks Fil for becoming a new supporter of what we do.

Show Times

  • What’s Happening with our Bees? We talk to Margaret 00:01:10
  • Roving Reporters 00:05:29
  • – Colorado 00:05:53
  • – Pt Chev 00:08:25
  • Beekeeping News 00:13:44
  • America’s Largest ‘Honeybee Corridor’ Unveiled in North Carolina 00:13:54
  • Eliminating American Foulbrood using Endolysins 00:16:10
  • Hi from Vienna – Lothar writes 00:20:50
  • Who helped us in bringing this show to you? 00:23:30
  • Margaret is stressed 00:24:56

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