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This episode we are talking about Common Beekeeping Mistakes and can you really eat Crystallised Honey? New ideas on a common question. This is Episode One Hundred and Ten of our beekeeping podcast.

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Hi, it’s Gary and Margaret here, We are beekeepers from the hills of the Waitakere Ranges in West Auckland, New Zealand. Our podcast is about beekeeping, Gardening and bit of politics about environmental issues. We also have been known to go off on tangents about other issues.

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It’s Winter in New Zealand, and we recorded this in July 2017

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Blog Recap

  1. It’s Winter Time – Season Ending Show
  2. Beekeeping for Dummies we talk to Author Howland Blackiston
  3. 5 Essential Beehive Components

Beekeeping News

As always another great post from the Girl Next Door “Hilary Kearney”, How many of these mistakes are you doing? Here is the sequel to “Ten Most Common Mistakes” post.

Here are five more beekeeping mistakes I hope to help you avoid.

The Five Mistakes Are:-

  1. Poor Record Keeping – Check out Hivetracks
  2. Inspecting Too Often
  3. Unpreparedness
  4. Rough Handling
  5. Spending Too Much Money

5 Common Beekeeping Mistakes Keeping Backyard Bees

Your Feedback

kiwimana “Gary” – No1 Don’t Wear Sunglasses while looking for Eggs Hilary 🙂

Crystallised Honey – Is it OK to eat?

A great post by a patron of show Justin Bumstead, all about Crystallised Honey. And can you still eat it.

Your honey is crystallising. It’s become grainy and starting to solidify. Time to throw it out right? Wrong!

Tips from Justin to prevent your Honey Crystallising.

  • Store your honey at a constant temperature in the range of 21C–26C (70F–80F)
  • When your honey crystallises, it can be bought back to its liquid state by placing the jar in or over warm water just until the honey liquifies. Don’t use hot water or the microwave, the honey will get too hot.
  • Eat it before it crystallises! 🙂

Crystallised Honey – Is it OK to eat?

Your Feedback

Graham Manning – Do people really ask this question? I suppose they must…
Helen Edwards – Sweetened Breaking Bad?
Bee Knees Club – Margaret Groot – Any honey is yummy honey, Never leave jars or store on concrete floor

The man who was arrested for stealing Beehives has been sentenced in the Whangarei District Court. We talk about this on Episode 107

A man who admitted stealing beehives and receiving stolen beehives has been spared jail after a judge showed mercy to his family. He must complete 300 hours of community work. And pay back $6600 in reparations.

Beehive thief shown mercy and gets community work

Your Feedback

Char Bailie – It’s better that non violent crimes be paid back within the community of damage if in jail the tax payer is lumped with the bill and no one can recuperate any costs. If we send everyone to jail we just end up with more career criminals.
Jason Sanford – What a joke they should have made an example of him and sent a message to hive thief’s, it’s not just the value of the hives lost its also loss of income from the honey the hives could have made!!
David Herbert – Judge Anna Johns you are a joke, this thief is now planning his next robbery. Good for you Anna
Joyce Kennedy – Repeat offender, pathetic .
Craig Lovell – I’m sure there’s an empty cage in North Korea for him

An interesting idea from some students in Spain, a new entrance to the Beehive that brushes off pesky Varroa Mites. But what else does it brush off???

I heard about a system developed by some youngsters in Spain, I was not quick to don my credulity cloak. I’m not sold on their invention, but I won’t disparage it outright.

Have These Kids Found a Way to Kill Varroa?

Your Feedback

Paulo Jmd Silva – No, probably will make bees more aggressive and they will destroy the device or just glue it down with própolis.

Have you guys found the ultrasonic device that’s supposed to kill varroa but the guys that sell it can’t even test it properly or show any improvement over natural varroa fall through SBB.

Looks and smells like yet another scam so don’t blame me if you buy it and doesn’t work).

Gary – kiwimana – My only concern is that is take too much Pollen off the bees?
Tracy Robinson – Even if it reduces the mites it’s good. The fact wasps can’t get in is a huge bonus
Karen Monks – I’d love to get hold of their 3D printer files and try it out 🙂
Paul Scholten – Sounds promising .

A Great idea from Barbara from the Bee Journal blog about the Best Protein Patty that the Ontario Bee Association came up with after an extensive study? Do you use Protein Patties?

The team had done an extensive study to find out what is the best protein supplement to feed bees.

They used all of the well known brands available on the market and also visited the USA to find out what the commercial beekeepers were using as a supplement.

Best Homemade Protein Patty Recipe for Honey Bees

Direct Link to the Protein Patty Recipe is HERE

Your Feedback

Allan Johnston – This brings me to a point I made with an old friend who introduced to BeeKeeping.
It goes to some degree as to why people lose hives. Greed, it took me no time to realise seeing my friends hives and just how much honey he harvested without losing all but no hives, it struck me it was how much honey he left the Bees and how he structured the hives, 2 full frames then the Queen excluder then his supers. 65 hives yielded 9 drums in a bad season maybe its the bad keepers getting stung

From Bees Knees Facebook group:-
Lyle Cairns – Yes! I’ve been looking for this thing! Thank you Gary!
Sandra Greenwood – What is egg powder ?
Gary Fawcett – Powdered Eggs, I know our cafe at work uses it, google “Dried Whole Egg Powder”, You can get it in NZ.

This is a great article to see if you know anything about Honey Bees…this article irritated the heck out of Margaret…Did you spot the Errors?

The size of the cell prepared determines the type of egg she lays. If the worker bees have prepared a worker size cell, she will lay a fertilized egg. This egg will produce a female worker bee.

If the worker bees have prepared a slightly larger cell, the queen will recognize this as a drone cell and lay an unfertilized egg. This will produce a male drone bee.

It is the workers and not the queen that determine the ratio of workers to drones within the hive.

FYI – Correct Gestation times of the Honey Bee are:-

  • Queen – 16 Days
  • Worker – 21 Days
  • Drone – 24 Days

The Life Cycle of a Baby Bee

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