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This week we are talking about why No Spray Zones are not working and why Beekeepers quit bees.

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Beekeeping News

This article caused a lot of passion with heaps of cusses and Gary has had to use ‘the beep’.

Auckland Transport spray a Community Garden in Grey Lynn, despite the Pollinator Park being on a “ No Spray List “.

Bee-lovers are devastated after their community garden was sprayed by Auckland Transport with weedkiller in an act of “eco-vandalism”.

The Spray used was “herbicide Bio-Safe”
Active Ingredient is Ammonium Nonanoate

Ammonium nonanoate does not persist in soil and is expected to degrade rapidly, primarily via microbial action, with a half-life of less than one day.

We Emailed Mark Hannan from auckland transport, What was his response?

Auckland bee park sprayed with toxic chemicals by council

Your Feedback

Graham Manning – From the product details, it seems overspray poses risk to neighbouring plants (with an onward risk to insect life). There’s no mention of the direct impact on insect life, only that it is toxic to aquatic life.
Barney Rumble – Honestly… council contract sprayers NOT HAVE A CLUE???
Krista Ho – Apparently there are sprayfree registers you can’t go on. You say your address, say you don’t want to be sprayed, and voila, they supposedly listen. Except my neighbour was on these registers for years,and yet every tree she planted got nuked by them. What’s the Fing point!! Useless sh#@s that they are.
Helen Beniston – What needs to be sorted is:

  1. How much damage the spray that was used has done.
  2. Boundaries beyond which NO spraying is allowed. AND THERE MUST BE BOUNDARIES!
  3. Education of the workers involved or who are likely to be involved with spraying in the future.
  4. The people involved who claim they have done nothing wrong should face up to the fact they have tunnel vision and review their actions honestly

Lyle Cairns – Since it was intentional, what was his message, what was he trying to communicate and why does he still have a job?
Nikolai Mage – Lots of thick people killing future generations the supershitty meanders through its miasma of f@#kups
Sophia Byles – New Zealand is full of idiots who care for only themselves
Quentin Fletcher – Lots of smart people at Auckland Transport and Auckland Council
Ian Gosney-Payne – Major Dicks
Carolyn Tomas – Oh dear, No!!!
Gayle Turnbull McKinzie – How ignorant
Maria Moselen – So i hope they are going to pay for there damage…w@#kers
Rum Payne – Dicks!
Sophia Byles – The proof is in the pudding
Wendy Morrice – How so like AT
kiwimana – Margaret – They also spray drains which flow down to waterways – totally against the “registered user” recommendations for application – how many of the ‘contractors’ know those rules !?
Priscilla McKenzie – They also spray up and down baby cabbage trees, killing them, because they think the long green leaves are weeds. I have given up.
Susan Wood How sad is that, that our local councils just don’t get it! An estimated 4 years without bees & the human race could be dead & the reality of this continues to be ignored. Unbelievable
Donny Kearney So we have to assume that everyone involved with this travesty is an ignorant and/or willful vandal……or all go home and make tinfoil hats. Are there other possibilities?
Lianne Boucher – This is so friggin typical of the council’s parks & recreation dept
Heather Emery – Twats. Get your s**t together auckland council
Sandy Noffke – That’s bad – what are the other options? I get paid for weeding gardens – chemical free – whose going to do large scale weeding though
Gill Ashmead Mecoy – Omg! dumb idiots …they don’t care ??
Scott Castles – Muppets
Fi Saurus – FFS ban it

Have you heard that saying ‘…quitters never win and winners never quit…’ but is there more to it when talking about beekeeping?!

Great post from Rusty from Honey Bee Suite,

Rumor has it that 80% of new beekeepers will quit within the first two years. I don’t know how accurate that estimate is. Like other statistics related to beekeeping, it seems to survive with no one keeping score.

Here are her points:-

  • Beekeeping is not like having a pet
  • You don’t learn Beekeeping in a season, or a year or in fifty years
  • Spring build-up is the easiest part of beekeeping
  • Beekeeping more expensive than you imagine – Depending on how you care for your bees
  • It’s more work than you imagined
  • Expectations of honey production are not realistic
  • Bee stings are no fun
  • Pressure from unhappy neighbors
  • Beekeeping is about the environment
  • It’s easy to underestimate the varroa problem
  • Overwhelmed by the wonder

Are you one of the 80% who will quit?

Your Feedback

Maree Broughton – Haha we are heading into our 3rd season. Started with 3 have 30 now. It’s way more work, more costly than we thought but oh well. Also I have reaction to stings and we didn’t get any honey off this year. Still keen to keep on going. Love the wee girls.
Lisa Allen – Nah – I’m too addicted now
David Hosking – I have not done it for 20 years, I’m ready to go again I love it, it will be a income when I cannot work for a boss. I have 180×8 frame boxes enough for 60 triples. I will have everything irradiated because of AFB, buy 10 Nucs and away i go. I have wax frames and 9 frame extractor and it keeps you alive gets you out of bed, at 58 things can happen if i sit on my bum for too long…
John Dickson – Media hype

Well thanks for listening the first bonus, show we will be back in a couple of weeks with an interview with the Greatest Beekeeper in Sheffield, England.


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