The Beekeepers Q&A – The Fat Bee Man “Don” joined us.

The Beekeepers Q&A, the show on blab we attempt to answer your burning beekeeping questions.

If you have a question Type /q in the chat or select ‘Call in’, Check out this PAGE for the next one.

This week Don the Fat Bee Man Joins the show and discusses some of his methods.

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  1. New Podcast released this week :- Happy Holidays
  2. Phone call from Indonesia at 1:30 am 🙁

The week we answer:-

  1. How to become a beekeeper in New Zealand, see our POST on some ideas
  2. How to do foundation-less frames
  3. How to move beehive short distance, article we did HERE

We will look at releasing talk this as a podcast in the future as well.

2 thoughts on “The Beekeepers Q&A – The Fat Bee Man “Don” joined us.

  1. Avatar photo
    Bob Lee says:

    I live in central Missouri. Is late September too late to make a split? I have a top bar hive that is busting at the seams. Can they make a queen and get established before winter? Thanks!

    • Avatar photo
      Margaret Groot says:

      Hi Bob, thanks for your question. There are some schools of thought and in practice over-wintering nucleus colonies is done regularly. I have a link here to youtube with Michael Palmer who talks about his method: – the other things to consider are your location so maybe there are some local beekeepers who practice over-wintering nucs. All the best Bob and let us know how you go. Regards, Margaret and Gary…it’s the kiwimana buzz…

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