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This week we are talking about Droughts for the Australian Beekeepers and why you need to tell your bees.

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Beekeeping News

Honey running out as beekeepers stung by the drought

September 2018 – farmers and beekeepers have been struggling with nature but the government is ready to help, the drop in honey production estimated to be around 40% less so this article talks about the struggles our Aussie neighbours are dealing with.

Bees are running out of nectar, which they need to produce honey, because native trees and entire crops have been wiped out by the prolonged drought.

The drought has dried up dams and streams and now it’s turning the rivers of liquid gold to dust as beekeepers struggle to keep their starving hives alive in the driest year in more than half a century.

Honey running out as beekeepers stung by the drought

Telling the Bees

A common practice in the late century was to tell the bees major events. Like Marriages, births and deaths.

While most common in the nineteenth century, the practice of “telling the bees” about significant life events endures, albeit in a different form, to the present day. The most pervasive and affecting depiction of this tradition can be found in the New England Quaker writer John Greenleaf Whittier’s 1858 poem “Telling the Bees.”

Talking Points

  • Originated from the UK
  • Black cloth is draped across the hives
  • Message should be deliver at midnight, and it should rhyme in the case of a death:- “Bees, bees, awake! / Your master is dead, / And another you must take.”
  • If the bees begin to buzz after this information has been delivered, it is seen as a good omen.

Strange Incident at John Zepka’s Funeral

In 1956, the AP reported a strange occurrence at the funeral of John Zepka, a beekeeper from the Berkshire Hills. As the funeral procession reached the grave, the mourners discovered swarms of bees hanging placidly from the ceiling of the tent

Telling the Bees – In nineteenth-century New England, it was held to be essential to whisper to beehives of a loved one’s death

Here is a link to the Poem:- Telling the Bees

Your Feedback

Melissa Gunn Terry Pratchett fans will know this too 🙂
Margaret Groot I beelieve this ritual is important.
Greg Burns Love this!

Here is a little clip from the movie “The Secret Lives of Bees”

Tell the Bees

A short film representing the old practice of telling the bees of important family news.

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