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Q & A – Getting Ready for Winter – KM159

In this show we answer questions about Api Life Var and New Queens, where to [...]

American Foulbrood Elimination – a Video Series by the AFB Management Agency

A great video series by Plant and Food in New Zealand about the history and [...]

How to Create a Flower Garden with Year-Round Blooms

Were you thinking about creating a beautiful landscape in your yard? Well, for gardening beginners, [...]


Top 10 Plants For Bees During The Winter Months

Winters are the months that come out to be a little hard to survive for [...]


The Honeybee Removal King…JP the Beeman – KM090

We talk to Jeff Armstrong from Louisiana (Better known as JP the Beeman). JP is [...]

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Beekeeping in Greece

News from the Bee World in Greece from our listeners Lorin & John.

Beekeepers Q&A – End of Jan

The Beekeepers Q&A, the weekly live show on blab where we attempt to answer your [...]

Love is a goat called Louise

Some sad news about our goat Louise, who passed away over winter in New Zealand.


How to Build Beehive Frames

Beehive Frames - How to build Beehive Frames, here is how we manually build Beehive [...]


Bee Hive Stand – Introducing the kiwimana Hive Stand

Hive Stand - What is a hive stand and do I really need one for [...]