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Working in the shop at the Auckland Bee Club

I went along to Auckland bee club today, and spent most of the time helping Sue in the shop. It was a very busy day and I enjoyed meeting and talking to everyone that came in. I managed to sneak out during the talks. The topics today were:- Harvesting honey Tips on entering the honey […]

Treating our new Hives with Api Life Var

In between collecting swarms we checked on our new hives today and treated them with “Api Life Var” the organic mite treatment, the mites counts have been low but we have been told that treating a hive with low brood is more effective. So lets see what happens. So in summary this is what we […]

What Treatment this Spring?

It’s almost spring here in New Zealand so I am looking at treating the bees soon for varroa mites. So far I have found these available in New Zealand:- (1) Thymovar – Thymol based waters (2) Api life Var – Essential oil and Thymol based (3) And Apiguard also Essential oil and Thymol based. I […]

Visiting the Auckland Bee Club

We went along to the Auckland Bee Club this morning. It was great to catch up with everyone and good to see a lot of new faces. Paul Walsh and Dennis discussed how to build frames, very useful information for new beekeepers indeed. I wish I had heard this talk before I started building my […]

Made some Screen Bottom Boards

Finished building some screen bottom boards today.  Screen bottom boards have a few advantages. Help reduce the varroa mites due to natural fall (The mites fall through the screen) Provides a way for you to count mites Provides increased ventilation for the bees Reduces moisture in the hive over winter I would recommend looking into […]

Honey 1 gets some Apistan strips treatment

Well took my chances today in between the Auckland Rain showers to inspect one of the hives. Today I inspected Honey 1. Honey one had three brood boxes that I have reduced down to two and put in 2 Apistan strips in each brood box. Here’s hoping that these knock back the Varroa mites a […]