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Creating a Water Source for Bees

Here is an update to a story we did back in 2009. The original wooden [...]


Build Up *Bonus* Buzz – KM128B

This week we are talking about Smokers and what is best for using as smoker [...]

Filming the bees with Bill Catherall from The BeeVlog – KM075

We are talk to Bill Catherall from Portland, Oregon about why he produces Beekeeping videos.


Urban Beekeeping in Auckland with Jullion – KM071

This week we are talking to Jullion Nelson-Parker about Urban Beekeeping in Auckland, New Zealand.

Moving Beehives – Short Distance Moves

Moving Beehives A Short Distance, here is a method and some tips you can use [...]


Auckland Council Bees Bylaw

Auckland Council have put Bees under the "Animal Management Bylaws". Margaret discusses her views on [...]

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Urban Beekeeping Threatened in Auckland

Another threat to Urban Beekeeping in Auckland has been discovered, please make a submission before [...]


Megan Paska – The Rooftop Beekeeper – KM048

Megan Paska is a Beekeeper and Farmer. She is the author of the new book [...]

How To Make Seed Bombs

Seed bombs can simplify the task of filling any empty space with flowers. This post [...]

Guerilla Gardening … in High-Tech Form?

Guerilla gardening is taking a new approach - modern guerilla gardeners are using high tech [...]