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Beekeeping Presentation to the local board

Tonight we went along to the Henderson/Massey local board to present a proposal to add a local Beekeepers swarm catcher’s list, to the Auckland Council’s knowledge database, for call centre and license and compliance teams.

Henderson Massey local board,full bee suit,Earthbound Honey,Assid Corban

Catching a large swarm in Glen Eden!!!

We got an email from Aaron this morning about a swarm in Glen Eden, that had landed in his front garden. When we got there we had to say “wow” it was the biggest swarm I have every seen. A colony that decides to swarm, will keep swarming until the hive is empty. The amount […]

Mad dogs and Beekeepers/English Men

Went along to Auckland Bee Club today for the field day. It was a great day and attendance was good. Great to catch up with two of our blog readers at the meeting, Barry and William. William is young man who is passionate about bees, great to see : ) …I think he’ll do well […]