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Honey extraction Idea for Manuka – a great tip from Aussie

We hope this will help those having difficulty extracting Manuka/Kanuka honey frames, a great tip [...]

Rusty Burlew – The voice behind Honey Bee Suite – KM081

This week we are talking to Rusty Burlew from Olympia in Washington State. The fantastic [...]

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Its Autumn in New Zealand – The Time to Treat is here

The honey flow has slowed down in most parts of New Zealand and hopefully you [...]

Foundationless Frames – How to use them

What are Foundationless Frames and why would a beekeeper want to use them?


Happy New Year

Happy New year to you are your family. We hope you are managing to have [...]


Foundationless frames no good for brood frames

We have been experimenting with foundationless frames and getting the bees to create their own [...]


Our Varroa mite plan this season

This was a question posted in by one of our readers, Sophie asks:- How can [...]


Goldie gets some Apistan strips treatment

Did the inspection of Goldie today, the weather was patchy today. So couldn't get started [...]

The Honey Extraction Process – Our First Extraction

The Honey Extraction Process, we discuss the first time we extracted honey way back in [...]


Goldie Inspection

Today we did an inspection on the Goldie hive, we checked the two supers, the [...]