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8 Spring Flowers That Attract Australian Native Bees

Bees are wonderful and hardworking creatures. But due to climate change and landscapes which are [...]


Collecting Bee Swarms – We talk to “Swarm Patrol’s” Andrew Guzowski – KM097

On this show we talk about Swarms and Swarm Patrol with Andrew Guzowski who is [...]

Beekeeping Course – Introduction to the World of Beekeeping

Here at kiwimana we are Beekeepers who want to help those interested in Bees and [...]

Moving Beehives

Moving Beehives is an essential skill for any beekeeper to master. Here is how we [...]


How to Clean Beeswax

How To Clean Beeswax - Here is the steps we use to Clean beeswax. The [...]


How To Make Seed Bombs

Seed bombs can simplify the task of filling any empty space with flowers. This post [...]

What do you use for Bee Smoker Fuel?

We were asked the other day, What do you use for Bee Smoker Fuel? We [...]


Goldie Inspection – Mouldy frames :(

Well after some months after losing Goldie we decided to do an inspection of the [...]