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The Way We Used to Bee – New Zealands First Beekeeping Podcast – KM133

In 2006 Nick Wallingford released a series of podcasts about the history of Beekeeping in [...]

Is Beekeeping the Antidote for the 21st Century, We Talk to Nigel Costley- KM129

Nigel Costley is a Beekeeper, Tutor and freelance journalist from Nelson in New Zealand. Nigel [...]


How do you tell the difference between Manuka and Kanuka?

In this post we answer the question how do you tell the difference between Manuka [...]


The Day the Show Was Hijacked – KM123

The show was hiJacked by one of great friends and listeners "Yappy BeeMan", Yappy talks [...]

The Bees and Your Backyard: What All The Gardening Buzz is About

Many of us have often thought about getting into gardening. The concept of growing our [...]

How to Become an Insecticide Labelling Ninja

It’s been my experience the consumer buying public don’t realise that Insecticides bought at the [...]

Bad Beekeeping with Ron Miksha – KM113

Ron Miksha is a Writer and Beekeeper from Calgary in Canada. Ron has been involved [...]

Beekeeping for Dummies we talk to Author Howland Blackiston – KM108

This week we are talking to Beekeeping for Dummies author "Howland Blackiston" from Connecticut in [...]

Collecting Bee Swarms – We talk to “Swarm Patrol’s” Andrew Guzowski – KM097

On this show we talk about Swarms and Swarm Patrol with Andrew Guzowski who is [...]

Beekeeping Like A Girl with Hilary Kearney – KM092

Hilary Kearney is from "Girl Next Door Honey", She does live Bee Removals and sells [...]