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Kiwimana Christmas Wishes – KM132

Merry Christmas!!! In show we discuss Beekeeping tips, what an Egyptian beekeeper is up too [...]

Is Beekeeping the Antidote for the 21st Century, We Talk to Nigel Costley- KM129

Nigel Costley is a Beekeeper, Tutor and freelance journalist from Nelson in New Zealand. Nigel [...]


The Day the Show Was Hijacked – KM123

The show was hiJacked by one of great friends and listeners "Yappy BeeMan", Yappy talks [...]

Beekeeping in South Carolina with Beekeeper Charlotte – KM117

Charlotte Anderson is the first Female Master Beekeeper from South Carolina, she is also a [...]


Merry Christmas Bees – KM038

Merry Christmas guys - Our final Beekeeping podcast for the year. We discuss Treatments, Swarms [...]