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Things You Need To Know About Mad Honey *Bonus Buzz* – KM131B

This week we are talking about Jars of Honey selling for $1800 and why Mad [...]

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How to Become an Insecticide Labelling Ninja

It’s been my experience the consumer buying public don’t realise that Insecticides bought at the [...]

Beekeeping for Dummies we talk to Author Howland Blackiston – KM108

This week we are talking to Beekeeping for Dummies author "Howland Blackiston" from Connecticut in [...]

Wasps in your beehive – A Robbing Screen may help

Wasps in your beehive - A Robbing Screen may help, we discuss using our Robbing [...]


Bee Hive Stand – Introducing the kiwimana Hive Stand

Hive Stand - What is a hive stand and do I really need one for [...]


Twenty One Today – Sugar Shaking, Pseudoscorpions and Bees at Weddings? KM021

Margaret is back in the kiwimana HQ studio, This week we are talking about Sugar [...]

Bee Frame Holder – What is it?

What is a Bee Frame Holder and why are there so useful. Sick of bending [...]


Treating the Buzzy Bees – KM017

The Seventeenth Podcast from the Team at kiwimana. A show where we talk about Beekeeping, [...]

Happy New Year

Happy New year to you are your family. We hope you are managing to have [...]


Lucky Number Thirteen – KM013

The thirteenth podcast from the the team at kiwimana. This week we are taking about [...]