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Q & A – Setting up a Hive – KM147

This is Episode One hundred and forty seven of our beekeeping show - Setting up [...]

How to Kill Bees

Here are some handy tips for the new beekeeper to help you kill your Bees [...]

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Honey extraction Idea for Manuka – a great tip from Aussie

We hope this will help those having difficulty extracting Manuka/Kanuka honey frames, a great tip [...]

How Long Should I Wait To See Eggs

How Long Should I Wait To See Eggs, when you collect a swarm how long [...]

Springing Along with Hoppity – KM076

This week we are talking about Bee Friendly Plants, 7 Amazing Bee Facts and Russian [...]

How To Extract Honey Without An Honey Extractor

In this article we explain how to use two buckets to extract a small amount [...]


Manuka the biography of an extraordinary honey – KM067

Here is a talk given by Cliff Van Eaton about his new book "Manuka the [...]

Beekeeping Course – Introduction to the World of Beekeeping

Here at kiwimana we are Beekeepers who want to help those interested in Bees and [...]

How to Clean Beeswax

How To Clean Beeswax - Here is the steps we use to Clean beeswax. The [...]


Wasps in your beehive – A Robbing Screen may help

Wasps in your beehive - A Robbing Screen may help, we discuss using our Robbing [...]