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Moving bees in the dead of night

Well a busy night moving bees around West Auckland. We picked up our swarm lure, which was overflowing with a swarm :). We wanted to move this colony within our own property, but as this was less than 2 miles away, we employed the 2 feet or 2 mile rule (Even if New Zealand uses […]

Mad dogs and Beekeepers/English Men

Went along to Auckland Bee Club today for the field day. It was a great day and attendance was good. Great to catch up with two of our blog readers at the meeting, Barry and William. William is young man who is passionate about bees, great to see : ) …I think he’ll do well […]

Honey 1 Varroa Count

Honey 1 is going great, loads of traffic on the hottest days leading up to spring. Hopefully we can bred some new queens from this hive in the spring. I have placed a inspection tray intro or screened bottom board, I put canola oil onto it so the Varroa mites stick to the board. Will […]

Fogging at the Auckland Bee club

Today myself and Margaret went to a meeting at the Auckland Bee club. Today’s topics were:- Dealing with weak hives Combining hives. Fogging Demonstration I was keen to see the fogging Demonstration. After seeing the Demonstration we are not so sure if that’s for our hives, the bees didn’t seem to like amount of oily […]

Screened bottom board, We made our first one

I finished our new Screened bottom board today, I added a Varroa Mite inspection mat that is just a piece of plastic. Part of the same sheet of plastic that is also the roof of our NUC box. The mat can be speared with a thin layer of Vaseline and then the mites get stuck […]