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Storm in Auckland and the new Kiwimana Hive Roof

Followers of our FaceBook page would have seen the terrible weather we had in Auckland over the weekend which inspired us to continue further work on our “Kiwimana Hive Roof” prototype. I spent time finishing off our prototype after visiting our local wood yard (also buying some more wood for other “ideas” and projects). The […]

Mokoroa 1 – The Queen is Dead RIP

Well Mokoroa 1 hasn’t been going well at all, at first the Queen was only laying on one frame. And 90% of what she did lay were drones, so we suspected the Queen was a drone layer. I got in touch with the Queen Breeder “Dals Pollination” and Dallas agreed to exchange the Queen for […]

Removing the Apistan Strips

Well its week seven and we planned to removed the Apistan strips this week, the plan was if this weekend was bad weather (which to be honest in this Auckland Winter that’s most weekends), we would remove them next weekend. But we woke this morning to a nice clear sky day with no rain predicated […]

Honey 1 gets some Apistan strips treatment

Well took my chances today in between the Auckland Rain showers to inspect one of the hives. Today I inspected Honey 1. Honey one had three brood boxes that I have reduced down to two and put in 2 Apistan strips in each brood box. Here’s hoping that these knock back the Varroa mites a […]

Honey 1

Inspection 16 January 2010, Second Level … shows that there are still 4 frames with no honey, however the bees are starting to draw out the comb. I didn’t see any brood on this level so am satisfied no queen here.The girls are capping honey and everything looks very healthy and clean.! The lid when removed […]