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Honey 1 gets some Apistan strips treatment

Well took my chances today in between the Auckland Rain showers to inspect one of the hives. Today I inspected Honey 1. Honey one had three brood boxes that I have reduced down to two and put in 2 Apistan strips in each brood box. Here’s hoping that these knock back the Varroa mites a […]

Honey 1

Inspection 16 January 2010, Second Level … shows that there are still 4 frames with no honey, however the bees are starting to draw out the comb. I didn’t see any brood on this level so am satisfied no queen here.The girls are capping honey and everything looks very healthy and clean.! The lid when removed […]

Goldie inspection and New Nuc Box

Happy New Year everyone, Inspected Goldie today as it was a nice day. Today’s goal was to replace some of the frames that were falling apart in the lower brood. Not a good inspection to be sure, managed to get stung four times during the inspection. So didn’t inspect all the lower brood, had to […]