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Possums – A Review of the Good Natured Possum Trap

Managing pests is an important obligation for anyone that lives in New Zealand. One of biggest introduced pests here is the bushy-tailed possum (trichosurus bulletins), these marsupials destroy trees and eat native bird eggs. This is a review of the Good Natured Possum Trap.

Save the Bees – Stop the Fee – UPDATE 3 Yipee its over!!!!

The Wonders of Twitter We heard from Mayor Len Brown today via Twitter. The bee consent fee has been removed, in today’s “Strategy and Finance Committee Meeting”. Have a look at the tweet exchange with the Mayor below:- Started off with confusion, what page the Bee Fee was on:- And then the good news… So […]

Save the Bees – Stop the Fee – UPDATE 2

Phone Call We got a phone call from Auckland Council’s rep Nigel King – Customer Services Manager this morning (this was in no doubt as a result of an email sent by Margaret first thing, asking why we haven’t received any written confirmation of  what we were told, was to follow, after the hearings!) Nigel advised […]

Save the Bees – Stop the Fee – UPDATE

Here are our thoughts after attending the Auckland Council hearings, held at the beautiful Auckland Town Hall, on the Auckland Council Draft – Long Term Plan. Introduction It was good to see a lot of other bee-keepers today at the meeting, and as we found out it was one of many hearings held by the Auckland Council across the […]

Save the bee, stop the fee!!!

Photo’s courtesy of Kevin Krejci We went to along to a meeting set up by the Auckland Bee Club on Monday to discuss the $190 (annual) consent fee to keep Bees, proposed within the Auckland Council long-term draft plan. The draft considerations include public consultation and a submission process.

A cosy time with the Franklin Bee Club

Today the weather in Auckland wasn’t the best, we did hear there was a cold storm coming from the south. We travelled down to Franklin to attend the monthly bee club meeting. A heavy shower hit the site when we arrived. An omen of things to come. Peter Smith started the meeting with a discussion […]

Bethells 1 – Inspection

Margaret had done another inspection of Bethells 1 on 9 Jan 2011, but Margaret has been too busy to blog about this inspection. Quick inspection today, the third box which is ¾ Super has some frames built out but no nectar and I don’t think there will be any this season. So I removed this […]