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I’m the Yappy BeeMan – Removing Bees in Alabama – KM120

Travis Ulbrich "Yappy" is a Beekeeper and Fireman from Alabama, he is a well known [...]


The Honeybee Removal King…JP the Beeman – KM090

We talk to Jeff Armstrong from Louisiana (Better known as JP the Beeman). JP is [...]

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Urban Beekeeping Threatened in Auckland

Another threat to Urban Beekeeping in Auckland has been discovered, please make a submission before [...]


Tyson Kaiser is an Ethical Bee Remover – KM039

Tyson Kaiser is an ethical bee remover in the Los Angeles, California area and an [...]


Can the Robinson Vaporiser control your Varroa Mites – Part 2

In part 2 of the article we answer the question "Can vaporising Oxalic acid crystals [...]