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Feeding Honey Bees while Splitting

Is it OK to feed bees, during the splitting process. Margaret responds to a question [...]

How Long Should I Wait To See Eggs

How Long Should I Wait To See Eggs, when you collect a swarm how long [...]

Teaching Children about bees with The Bee Lady…Sara Russ…KM044

Sara is a qualified early childhood teacher and is passionate about bees and beekeeping and [...]


Kim Pezza – Author of Keeping Honey Bees – KM034

We chat with the author Kim Pezza about Bees and her new book in the [...]


Hedgehogs – Some Hair Raising Facts

We can often find hedgehogs hanging out in our back gardens. But that may not [...]

Treating the Buzzy Bees – KM017

The Seventeenth Podcast from the Team at kiwimana. A show where we talk about Beekeeping, [...]

Honey 1 extraction

Today we checked the hive for any frames that had mostly capped honey and glad [...]