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Grahams Top Bar Hive

One of our readers Graham, wrote us this great email regarding his New Top Bar [...]

Gut Wrenching

Sad news today our first hive which we thought our strongest hive has died. We [...]


Goldie gets some Apistan strips treatment

Did the inspection of Goldie today, the weather was patchy today. So couldn't get started [...]


Checked Mokoroa again today and it still has around twenty bee’s, but the hive is [...]

Wild Hive – Our First Encounter with Wild Bees

Day 1 Got a call today from a local company, they had removed a tree [...]


Goldie Inspection

Today we did an inspection on the Goldie hive, we checked the two supers, the [...]

Goldie Day One – Our Very First Beehive

Well day one of our Beekeeping adventure, we purchased a NUC last night from our [...]