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Teaching Children about bees with The Bee Lady…Sara Russ…KM044

Sara is a qualified early childhood teacher and is passionate about bees and beekeeping and [...]


Beekeeping in Northern Ireland with Michael Young MBE – KM043

Michael Young is a Beekeeper from Northern Ireland, who is also the current chairman of [...]

Powdered Sugar Shake – Counting Varroa Mites using icing sugar

Powdered sugar shake - How to do a Powdered sugar shake to check the count [...]


Tips on Public Relations for Backyard Beekeepers

It's important to be a successful beekeeper! Here's some great tips on how to do [...]

Karen Bean – Off grid Beekeeping – KM036

We chat with Karen Bean from Marple Falls, Washington State. Karen runs a successful Beekeeping [...]


What is a Queen Castle?

What is a Queen Castle and how can you use one to raise Queen Bees.


Chat with Robin Bedard from Canada – KM027

We had a chat with Robin Bedard from Canada about Beekeeping, Bears and controlling Varroa [...]


Apistan : What is it and Why we don’t use it

Apistan - Is a synthetic pyrethroid used to remove varroa mites in bee colonies, But [...]


Its Autumn in New Zealand – The Time to Treat is here

The honey flow has slowed down in most parts of New Zealand and hopefully you [...]

Vaporising at the Whangarei Bee Club

We went up to the Whangareri Bee Club today to do a presentation about the [...]

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