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Top 10 Plants For Bees During The Winter Months

Winters are the months that come out to be a little hard to survive for [...]


Beekeeping in Wellington with Frank Lindsay – KM086

This week we are talking about Beekeeping in Wellington with Frank Lindsay. This is Episode [...]

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Teaching Children about bees with The Bee Lady…Sara Russ…KM044

Sara is a qualified early childhood teacher and is passionate about bees and beekeeping and [...]


Bee Pollen Benefits – What are the Health Benefits of Bee Pollen?

Bee Pollen Benefits - Bee pollen has been touted as a nutritious food for quite [...]

Lucas Blair and the Lost Bee – KM028

This week we are talking to Lucas Blair from Little Bird Games. Lucus is developing [...]


Barry Foster – President and CEO of NBA – KM004

Barry started the workshop by explaining that the government state that, “… “the varroa ‘problem’ [...]