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Telling the Bees *Bonus Buzz* – KM130B

This week we are talking about Droughts for the Australian Beekeepers and why you need [...]

7 Plants That Repel Unwanted Insects, But not Bees

If you want to grow an organic garden and keep the process as natural as [...]


Swarm Trapping bees with a Mobile Swarm Trap – Michael Jordan – KM104

This week we are talking to Michael Jordan from Wyoming. We talk about Bee swarms [...]


Getting Young People Interested in Beekeeping with Orren Fox – KM079

This week we are talking to Orren Fox from Newburyport in Massachusetts. This is Episode [...]

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Springing Along with Hoppity – KM076

This week we are talking about Bee Friendly Plants, 7 Amazing Bee Facts and Russian [...]

Swarms Alive – KM035

Episode Thirty Five of our beekeeping podcast, This week we are talking about Swarms and [...]

Borage – Why Is It So Good For Bees?

Borage - The history of this great plant that bees all around the world love. [...]


Slugs and Snails: Tips For Removing Them From Your Garden

In this article Sally gives some great natural tips on how to remove Slugs and [...]


Beekeeping in Canada – We chat with Gabriel Petrut – KM020

This show we chat with Gabriel Petrut who lives in the Mississauga in Canada. We [...]

Possums – A Review of the Good Natured Possum Trap

Managing pests is an important obligation for anyone that lives in New Zealand. One of [...]