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Honey Bee Honey versus Sugar Syrup

We ask what nutrition does honey provide that sugar-syrup does not? What is better for [...]

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Kiwimana Christmas Wishes – KM132

Merry Christmas!!! In show we discuss Beekeeping tips, what an Egyptian beekeeper is up too [...]

Things You Need To Know About Mad Honey *Bonus Buzz* – KM131B

This week we are talking about Jars of Honey selling for $1800 and why Mad [...]

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Sick Bees Varroa problem – Remedial action for Deformed Wing Virus using OAV

Have your bees got Deformed Wing Virus, Margaret discusses what she has done to reduce [...]


7 Plants That Repel Unwanted Insects, But not Bees

If you want to grow an organic garden and keep the process as natural as [...]


6 Best Methods to Create a Bee-Friendly Garden

Looking for ways on how to create a bee-friendly garden? Find out the six most [...]


Practical Beekeeping With Roger Patterson – KM115

Roger Patterson has been beekeeping since 1963, he is from West Sussex in the United [...]

Springing Along with Hoppity – KM076

This week we are talking about Bee Friendly Plants, 7 Amazing Bee Facts and Russian [...]

CCD in New Zealand? Take me down to the Parasite City – KM074

This week we are talking about parasite’s, Nosema, 3,000-year-old beehives and Counterfeit Honey? This is [...]

The team at Jennings Apiaries – Aaron and Lauren – KM073

Aaron and Lauren are treatment free beekeepers from Ruston in Louisana and as well as [...]