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Possums – A Review of the Good Natured Possum Trap

Managing pests is an important obligation for anyone that lives in New Zealand. One of biggest introduced pests here is the bushy-tailed possum (trichosurus bulletins), these marsupials destroy trees and eat native bird eggs. This is a review of the Good Natured Possum Trap.

Never hold a frame full of bees away from the hive

What Happened A couple of weeks back we had an incident with the Remuera 1 hive. We were inspecting frames and the queen must have fallen from the it. When we were cleaning up after the inspection, we noticed a large cluster of bees gathered on the ground and then to our horror we noticed […]

Moving bees in the dead of night

Well a busy night moving bees around West Auckland. We picked up our swarm lure, which was overflowing with a swarm :). We wanted to move this colony within our own property, but as this was less than 2 miles away, we employed the 2 feet or 2 mile rule (Even if New Zealand uses […]