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AFB Check at Earthsong

Went along to check on a hive at the Earthsong, which is an Eco-Neighbourhood project based in Ranui in West Auckland. For more information about this project please check out their web site HERE. It seemed like a great place indeed very peaceful with loads of gardens about. Conny had asked us to come and […]

Driving around Auckland Picking up things…

Had a busy day today visiting our local bee keeping supply shop to pick up some frames. We don’t make our own frames as it’s not worth the time it would take to make them. I have made up some Kiwimana Drone Brood management frames with them. We are going to sell some of these […]

What Treatment this Spring?

It’s almost spring here in New Zealand so I am looking at treating the bees soon for varroa mites. So far I have found these available in New Zealand:- (1) Thymovar – Thymol based waters (2) Api life Var – Essential oil and Thymol based (3) And Apiguard also Essential oil and Thymol based. I […]

Honey 1 and Queen rearing take 2

The weather in New Zealand is Great today, so it was time to check Honey 1 for any issues. Happy to report that no AFB (American foul brood) was located. Did spot one case of Sac Brood. And spotted many varoas mites in the drone brood. Hopefully the Apistan still in the hive will deal […]