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Can the Robinson Vaporiser control your Varroa Mites – Part 1

We starting selling a new beekeeping product a couple of weeks back, “The Robinson Vaporiser”, we have conducted the following test to see if it works as designed. Here is our observations and how you use the vaporiser.

Vaporizing Varroa Mites??? With a Oxalic Acid Vaporizer!!!

Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

Well it was a nice spring morning, a little crispy but after last night’s thunder and lightning in Auckland – we were both happily surprised that the day was starting out so well.

…off we went…got in to the kiwimana mobile nick-named “The Beehive” …’cause it’s white and usually full of bees 🙂 …then headed south ….to the Franklin Bee Club…

Swanson One and Api Life Var

This hive was showing signs of a high varroa mite count; it was on solid bottom board so we couldn’t do a drop count. But the inspection of drone brood indicated lots of mites and bees were spotted with deformed wing virus. The decision was made to treat the hive a few weeks back.

Working in the shop at the Auckland Bee Club

I went along to Auckland bee club today, and spent most of the time helping Sue in the shop. It was a very busy day and I enjoyed meeting and talking to everyone that came in. I managed to sneak out during the talks. The topics today were:- Harvesting honey Tips on entering the honey […]

Some Varroa Hive Counting with the Kiwimana Meshboards

Hi over the last three days, I have had inspection trays in the Kiwimana Meshboards in some of our hives. Here are the results:- Whenupai 1 Varroa Count Tray placed 9 Jan 2012 18:30 (0 mites) Tray Checked 12 Jan 2012 18:30 (5 mites) =5/72 (Hours) = 0.069 per hour or 5/3 (Days) = 1.67 […]

Inspecting Hives and Sending Bees in the post?

It was time to inspect hives today in between painting bee hive boxes and dodging the ever-present rain in Auckland. Isn’t it meant to be summer here? These are some notes from the inspections today:- Taupaki 1 Hive is very strong and doing very well, loads of bees in the brood area and their have […]

Our Varroa mite plan this season

This was a question posted in by one of our readers, Sophie asks:- How can a New Zealand beekeeper keep their bees alive every year? Well this is a good question, over recent times bee-keepers are having trouble keeping bees alive. Due to Varroa mites and pesticides in the environment. Last year our plan failed […]