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Kiwimana hosts UK Visitor – Meeting Caroline

Tonight we had a great time with some fellow beekeepers, myself and some local beekeepers met up with Caroline who is visiting from England. Caroline got in touch via our blog a few months back, it was great to finally meet her in person and talk about her adventures and travels. Great to see that […]

voxy.co.nz – Why The Bee Team Is The A Team

Good article and comments from John Hartnell the Federated Farmers Bees spokesperson. Since 2000, Varroa has seen the loss of at least 200,000 bee colonies. Federated Farmers believes it doesn’t matter what hat farmers wear; sheep, kiwifruit, mohair or dairy, all farmers are on the bee team, which is actually, New Zealand’s A team. “Last […]

Screened bottom board, We made our first one

I finished our new Screened bottom board today, I added a Varroa Mite inspection mat that is just a piece of plastic. Part of the same sheet of plastic that is also the roof of our NUC box. The mat can be speared with a thin layer of Vaseline and then the mites get stuck […]