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How to Create a Relaxing Outdoor Space in Your Small Yard

Trust us when we say this, a small yard is a blessing in disguise. There’s [...]

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10 Delicious, Cheap Recipes That Use Up Your Herb Garden

If you have a lovely garden filled with fresh herbs, why not take this as [...]

Saving the Bees in Australia with Simon Mulvany – KM102

Simon is an Outspoken Beekeeper and consumer advocate from Melbourne in Australia. Through his work [...]

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Do You Know How Bees Make Honey?

All you need to know about how bees make honey. The entire process has a [...]

Buzzy Bee – Lets go for a Ride

Here is a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to own one of these Kiwi Icons and earn some [...]

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Beekeeping Like A Girl with Hilary Kearney – KM092

Hilary Kearney is from "Girl Next Door Honey", She does live Bee Removals and sells [...]

The Bee Whisperer ‘Michael Jordan’ – KM077

In this show we are talk to Michael Jordan 'The Bee Whisperer' from Wyoming. Michael [...]

Happy New Year Beekeepers – KM062

Our beekeeping podcast, This week we are talking about Anarchist Beekeeping, beekeeping training programs and [...]

New Zealand Podcasts – you might also like

New Zealand Podcasts - As you may know we have a podcast, the kiwimana buzz [...]


Neonicotinoids a Disaster in the making? – Dr Henk Tennekes – KM052

We talk to Dr Henk Tennekes about why Neonicotinoids are a Disaster in the making [...]