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Beehive Inspection – Summer 2021 – what did we see ?

Learning to identify what you see in your Beehive – information about nectar, pollen and [...]

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Making a Gallon of Mead: Micro Mead Making With Michael Jordan – KM160

Michael Jordan is a Beekeeper, Educator and Mead Maker from Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. In this [...]

Q and A – Don’t Blow my Buzz – KM158

In this show we answer questions about Controlling Varroa Mites, People Allergic to Bees and [...]

Q & A – Wax Moths and Swarm Prevention – KM149

In this show we answer questions about Climate Change, Wax moths and Swarm Preventing and [...]

Beekeeping in the Hawkes Bay with Beekeeper John Berry – KM142

John Berry is a third generation beekeeper and has worked in the family Business "Arataki [...]

Question Time *Bonus* – KM126B

This week we are talking about Beekeeping Gloves and will Banning neonicotinoids lead to more [...]

Beekeeping Banter Round Up *Bonus* – KM124B

This week we are talking about bastard councils and making soap from bees. This is [...]

Practical Beekeeping With Roger Patterson – KM115

Roger Patterson has been beekeeping since 1963, he is from West Sussex in the United [...]

How to Become an Insecticide Labelling Ninja

It’s been my experience the consumer buying public don’t realise that Insecticides bought at the [...]

Bad Beekeeping with Ron Miksha – KM113

Ron Miksha is a Writer and Beekeeper from Calgary in Canada. Ron has been involved [...]